June- Dec 2012 at a Glance…

So a lot happened this year – 2012

I did get married but shortly after that (less then a month) I made Walter leave. I thought that I had to settle for him mainly because of his 3 girls, but i realized that that is not the reason to marry or settle. Also he will never change – No makeup, cant leave the house, he wont get a job and is still fucking with his ex’s!

I met Dawn a month or so before I was married and after I broke it off with Walter we got close – I never cheated on Walter with her nor did I think that I would end up dating her but things happened and we had a connection. We “un-officially” started dating  because of our jobs and her living situations which meant many VERY LONG nights on skype and on the computer.

Eventually she was kicked out of Anna’s (my friends where she was living) and moved in here. She helped me thru a lot  including dealing with Anna’s Medical problems, as at the time Anna was my only friend.

We secretly dated the rest of the year & only My kids and very close co-workers knew we were dating. …

Here are some 2012 Pictures and I will get on to 2013 :)


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I know its been a while…again

Getting married!

I plan on posting some Blogs on Cheap wedding ideas, there was a few “wedding on a budget” pages on the net but none that gave great ideas for cheap decorations and where to get them, how to make etc.

Most People onlines idea of a “cheap wedding” was spending less then $10,000.00… I am no where near that!  I think I am gonna pull it off for about $1,600…and that includes my wedding dress, bridesmaids, tux, grooms outfits and flower girls!

Another thing I am finding is wedding cakes and cupcakes for weddings are OUTRAGEOUS!!! Most places want $300.00 or more for a simple cake to feed 50-75 or $2 + more for each cupcake! This really puts a boot up my ass for getting my website for cake making in gear!

New life….

Okay so Starting today March 14th I will be updating on my “new life”

I have gotten my smile back, My weight loss is slow right now but I am happy with my progress. I have been going to the gym (although a little less right now as my work and taking michael to work has messed us up!)


It’s been quite a few months of LONG drives to dentist but I finally got my new smile!

First pic is trying them out (wax setting)There are still marks on my nose and chin from them lining them up!

then there is one of me with them all done!



YAY – new truck!

I just picked myself up a new truck!

Less then 180,000 miles and only $3,100 !

It is a 96 but VERY clean and nice!

YAY – pics i am haqppy with!

Kids took some pictures for me this week and I am very happy with them!

It’s hard to beleave I will be 35 soon!




Goals are being met!

Before getting the gastric bypass I had a few goals i wanted to reach, i dident write em all down but here is a few that I can remember.

  • Be able to weigh myself on a “normal” scale
  • Fit comfy and not smashed behind the wheel of my car
  • Fit on rides at an amusement park again
  • Be able to buy a plane ticket without worrying about paying for 2 seats!
  • Buying cloths at a normal store (feb)
  • Fit into real jeans (feb)
  • Not get out of breath walking 30 feet (i can walk a mile!)
  • Be able to Mow the grass on my riding mower (April)
  • be comfy in a normal desk chair
  • Be able to go into a crowded place without all the anxiety
  • Wear a size 26 jeans (almost- they fit tight)
  • Wear UNDER a size 30/34 shirt (dec)
  • Loose 100lbs
  • Ride a bike

Now of course some of these are out of order & others I will not find out untill I actually am able to do them, but I have accomplished  alot of them!

New Goals with dates!

By May 15th

  • Under 290lbs (total of 150 lost/30 more )
  • Walk 3 miles
  • Ride a bike a mile


My 1 year anniversery July 28th

  • Under 240 lbs (loss of 200lbs) This one is gonna be hard!
  • Do a 5 mile walk




lol, im not SUPER OBESE anymore

lol,  my BMI is now at  Extremely Obese -

Better then off the charts at  a BMI of 62.6.  at 434.5lbs
You have a BMI of 48.4.
This indicates that you are Extremely Obese.
The table below shows value ranges and what they mean.

Range Meaning
less than 18.5 Underweight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25.0 – 29.9 Overweight
30.0 – 39.9 Obese
40.0 – 50 Extremely Obese
over 50 Super Obese


And another site says….According to your height of 5′ 9″ your ideal healthy weight is 152 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 135 and 168 pounds. I was hopeing for 180-200!

Still here!

Hi there, I know i havent written alot latley but lets just say dec-feb were not good months for me at all (family and friend situations).

I am at 328.2 lbs right now, feeling very good about myslef but It has been kind of a slow prosses in the past few months, its still comming off but been a little slower. Everyone hits a platue and I think that was mine! Stress can also cause a big issue, not only with eating right but exercise as well.

My mom is doing good…I wish I could see her more but work is so outta wack right now, and if it’s not one thing it is another! She misses Gary sooooo much, as do we all but it has been very hard on her.

MK gave me her company on Feb 22nd and its been a non stop thing doing everything to get things merged together, having to up my toll limits and websites and everything that goes with it. I been doing better monry wise but it seems that as soon as I have some money-something goes wrong. I put out over $650 on my car about 2 weeks ago and its not working AGAIN!  Dryer quit on me last sunday and my kitchen sprung a leak & is gonna cost me about 8 foot of pergo flooring and cabnits! :(   Good news is I have all the lattuce up around porches and it is looking better.

I have had lots of vavoom, but have to kick myself in the ass to get out from in from of pc working to do it! I stopped all my meds last week cus i was too dizzy, not sure wich or wich combanation was doing it, but the dizzyness has stopped. I think I will start the mood stabelizers again, but not all the anti-depressents.

My 2nd cortizone shot in my knee did not work and they want to do a knee replacment :( the front of my ankle/top of foot has been hurting too…but still no back pain, I guess over 115 lbs off it helps!

Well I promise to write more, and update pics!


Minus 110lbs

Minus 110lbs

Feeling Good!

100 lbs gone!



Recent pic!

Pics – me & daughter taking pics!

Walking Again!

Started Walking again Today! Cheyenne, Sierra, Tyler and Me all walked around the Yard 3 times (almost 4 acres). Now by MY calculations its a bit over a mile 3 times around, but my petometer says it was .98 – close enough for me! Anyway I dunno if i want the kids walking with me anymore as Cheyenne kept laughing & carrying on, Sierra was tooting the whole time, puppy kept trying to trip me… actually Tyler was the best one!

I think I will take One kids each time I go around next time, maybe that will go over better & give them each a while to talk to me by themselves. I only found one golf ball today & no turtles!

Anyway Here are the stats for today:

  • 24 Minutes
  • .98 Miles 
  • 2150 Steps – (dunno if the pedometer is correct)
  • (Edit – Pedometer is NOT correct for steps)

Slower Month for loss!

October hasent been very nice to me, I am tipping the scale today at 362.5  …wich is about 65lb lost…I guess I should be happy I am still loosing!

My Goal for the future is to walk more, I did by a pedometer and said I was gonna start but my brother came home and its been a busy month! I think I am looking good in the pics!

He Finally admitted to seeing a weight loss, he is such a tough ass! and I can totally see it in this picture! We drove to SC to drop him off on the 14th and on my way home I went to the aquarium and to a Seafood Festival in Richmond Hill GA…where I had the most delicious White Fish-ka-bob ever! To bad I could only eat a few bites! So my Goal by Nove 30th is another 30lbs! That means I have about 40 days!

I can do it…Yes I can!


My Favorite at the Aquarium – Mama & Baby Turtles Holding hands!

Me in the Kids Boathouse in the Aquarium! HAHA