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Still here!

Hi there, I know i havent written alot latley but lets just say dec-feb were not good months for me at all (family and friend situations).

I am at 328.2 lbs right now, feeling very good about myslef but It has been kind of a slow prosses in the past few months, its still comming off but been a little slower. Everyone hits a platue and I think that was mine! Stress can also cause a big issue, not only with eating right but exercise as well.

My mom is doing good…I wish I could see her more but work is so outta wack right now, and if it’s not one thing it is another! She misses Gary sooooo much, as do we all but it has been very hard on her.

MK gave me her company on Feb 22nd and its been a non stop thing doing everything to get things merged together, having to up my toll limits and websites and everything that goes with it. I been doing better monry wise but it seems that as soon as I have some money-something goes wrong. I put out over $650 on my car about 2 weeks ago and its not working AGAIN!  Dryer quit on me last sunday and my kitchen sprung a leak & is gonna cost me about 8 foot of pergo flooring and cabnits! :(   Good news is I have all the lattuce up around porches and it is looking better.

I have had lots of vavoom, but have to kick myself in the ass to get out from in from of pc working to do it! I stopped all my meds last week cus i was too dizzy, not sure wich or wich combanation was doing it, but the dizzyness has stopped. I think I will start the mood stabelizers again, but not all the anti-depressents.

My 2nd cortizone shot in my knee did not work and they want to do a knee replacment :( the front of my ankle/top of foot has been hurting too…but still no back pain, I guess over 115 lbs off it helps!

Well I promise to write more, and update pics!


Why Did I choose this route for myself?

~19/20 Years Old~

Well that has got to be the most asked question, and its easy for me to answer… My heath and my Kids, but then comes the “why THIS surgery, why cant you just diet and exercise”. This is a little harder to answer, and The reason if different I think every-time I am asked.

I have always remembered myself  “chunky” although mom says I was a small kid I have been pictures and still thought I was chubby… I guess the hard parts started in Middle School, friends were thinning out unlike my weight which was pretty high, I was say 175-200lbs by high school days. I worked all my life, and despite always being busy with work and school I was a sit at home person when I could get time to myself. I remember a picture taken at a dance with 2 other girls my freshman year, I looked “OKAY” but was of course “the fat one” and it was always that way. Always been over a 14 pants and always shopping at Cato’s or Fashion Bug Plus.

My parents owned a store and i ended up eating out allot from there, mom loved to cook but was busy all the time, my bother and I ate whatever… He is a large guy too!

23/24 years Old

23/24 years Old

Even in Middle school my grandmother put me on Nutri-system diet and was up and down, only gaining the weight back once i was taken off there ridiculously HIGH priced menu (at that time you went and bought There food from there offices).

By the time I was 18  I was about 220- and got pregnant gaining

over 50lbs, I lost SOME of it but not much. I went thru a hard time right after she was born that lead to me loosing about 40lbs, so back to 220ish. Then I got on Fen-Phen and lost a little, then that was pulled off the market..Then Pregnant Again, this time putting on 60 lbs and not loosing it all. at 25 I was about 300 and i remember telling myself “if i hit 320 i will die. I was then working from home and sitting on my ass in front of a computer 16 plus hours a day trying to make money to support me and my 2 girls. Then came 340 and another baby. By 30 i was 360lbs and starting with back problems, and fell down stairs that landed me on a kitty and with torn ACL in my knee.  I started going to Curves which did help a little until I really hurt my back  and This is what Plummeted my weight to its now almost 425lbs at 33 years old.

I don’t accredit my obesity to my eating as much as my Lack of physical activities. I do eat late at night, but am not a junk food eater, and I don’t eat out allot. I would have to say that when i DID eat a snack it was usually healthier then what most eat for snacks. I don’t care for chocolate, ice cream, chips or anything like that. My bad food habits are more carb related loving pastas and breads. Other problem is I Don’t like salads!

So when they ask Why this..I can Honestly say i have tried to explain this to people but have since shortened my anser to ” Because I KNOW its the right thing for ME”


I am SOOO excited, I got a call from Shands today and my surgery has been moved up! I am scheduled NOW for JULY 27th!! That is me and Walter’s One year anniversary! I think that’s pretty cool!

Now I am getting excited cus that’s like a bit over a month, I have an appointment next wen for my weigh in at Shands and my anesthesiology / pre-op apt is for July 15th.  I think she said that I would have to start my liquid diet on the 30th to, but I’m not sure, cus that would be a month of liquid diet!

I have been waiting for so long for this and am really excited about getting healthy and loosing the weight! Everyone has been a great support, Walt, mom, mini and even Michelle who has had a bad experience with the procedure, shes been telling me lots of diff things to be ready for!

OTHER Updates:

  • Puppies are getting HUGE
  • Kids are in MD safe and sound
  • Cheyenne passed 6th grade by the skin of her teeth
  • I have been drinking more water and less tea!
  • I am into my 4th month of being SMOKE FREE!

Day 3 (aprox 6 weeks post-op)

Day 3

Okay there is not to much going on today, I just got finished decorating for Cheyenne’s b-day pary, the pictures are not really that clear, damn verizon has been resizing pics before they send em.  Anna and the girls stopped by and had some subs, I wish she would stay to talk longer, I miss talking to friends and It seems like she is always busy and has to rush off.

Anyways, I am doing okay on smoking still cant wait to get the 510 elec cig I ordered. Seems like it’s really not gonna be as difficult as I thought!

Well I know this entry is not very long, but I am tired and I will have a house full of semi-teens tomarrow!