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June- Dec 2012 at a Glance…

So a lot happened this year – 2012

I did get married but shortly after that (less then a month) I made Walter leave. I thought that I had to settle for him mainly because of his 3 girls, but i realized that that is not the reason to marry or settle. Also he will never change – No makeup, cant leave the house, he wont get a job and is still fucking with his ex’s!

I met Dawn a month or so before I was married and after I broke it off with Walter we got close – I never cheated on Walter with her nor did I think that I would end up dating her but things happened and we had a connection. We “un-officially” started dating  because of our jobs and her living situations which meant many VERY LONG nights on skype and on the computer.

Eventually she was kicked out of Anna’s (my friends where she was living) and moved in here. She helped me thru a lot  including dealing with Anna’s Medical problems, as at the time Anna was my only friend.

We secretly dated the rest of the year & only My kids and very close co-workers knew we were dating. …

Here are some 2012 Pictures and I will get on to 2013 :)


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YAY – pics i am haqppy with!

Kids took some pictures for me this week and I am very happy with them!

It’s hard to beleave I will be 35 soon!




Still here!

Hi there, I know i havent written alot latley but lets just say dec-feb were not good months for me at all (family and friend situations).

I am at 328.2 lbs right now, feeling very good about myslef but It has been kind of a slow prosses in the past few months, its still comming off but been a little slower. Everyone hits a platue and I think that was mine! Stress can also cause a big issue, not only with eating right but exercise as well.

My mom is doing good…I wish I could see her more but work is so outta wack right now, and if it’s not one thing it is another! She misses Gary sooooo much, as do we all but it has been very hard on her.

MK gave me her company on Feb 22nd and its been a non stop thing doing everything to get things merged together, having to up my toll limits and websites and everything that goes with it. I been doing better monry wise but it seems that as soon as I have some money-something goes wrong. I put out over $650 on my car about 2 weeks ago and its not working AGAIN!  Dryer quit on me last sunday and my kitchen sprung a leak & is gonna cost me about 8 foot of pergo flooring and cabnits! :(   Good news is I have all the lattuce up around porches and it is looking better.

I have had lots of vavoom, but have to kick myself in the ass to get out from in from of pc working to do it! I stopped all my meds last week cus i was too dizzy, not sure wich or wich combanation was doing it, but the dizzyness has stopped. I think I will start the mood stabelizers again, but not all the anti-depressents.

My 2nd cortizone shot in my knee did not work and they want to do a knee replacment :( the front of my ankle/top of foot has been hurting too…but still no back pain, I guess over 115 lbs off it helps!

Well I promise to write more, and update pics!


Pics – me & daughter taking pics!

Slower Month for loss!

October hasent been very nice to me, I am tipping the scale today at 362.5  …wich is about 65lb lost…I guess I should be happy I am still loosing!

My Goal for the future is to walk more, I did by a pedometer and said I was gonna start but my brother came home and its been a busy month! I think I am looking good in the pics!

He Finally admitted to seeing a weight loss, he is such a tough ass! and I can totally see it in this picture! We drove to SC to drop him off on the 14th and on my way home I went to the aquarium and to a Seafood Festival in Richmond Hill GA…where I had the most delicious White Fish-ka-bob ever! To bad I could only eat a few bites! So my Goal by Nove 30th is another 30lbs! That means I have about 40 days!

I can do it…Yes I can!


My Favorite at the Aquarium – Mama & Baby Turtles Holding hands!

Me in the Kids Boathouse in the Aquarium! HAHA

50-ish lbs Lost!

the face shots were the closest in position i could get!

2 weeks Post Op

I am doing good, and able to eat soft food. I have had Wendy’s Chili, Fish, chicken (no skin) Eggbeaters, lunch meat and a bite of other stuff here & there. I have thrown up a few times but I am 99% sure its from Drinking while I eat with is a No-No. I just kept forgetting or didn’t wait long enough!

I need to drink  more protien shakes, I was doing good with that but I am only drinking one a day now and I know that is NOT enough with only eating 1-2 small meals in a day.  Mom said she can notice a difference in my face and I think my clohes are fitting more comfy. I have lost about 30-35 lbs.  I want to have lost at least 50 lbs by the end of the month.

It has been raining like crazy and the kids just went back to school so I havent started walking a whole lot yet but I am gonna start this week… It’s very important for the weight loss that I exercise and/or walk everyday!

Hospital & surgery!

Went to Gainesville and stayed in a hotel on Monday, the day before my surgery. I was told to call Monday night between 7-9pm for the exact surgery time. We left here about 2pm and arrived at a very nice hotel in Gainesville by 4pm. I was more calmer then I thought I would be and swam in the pool and watched TV. I called at 7 and they told me to report to the surgery place at Noon.

Mom and Renee had a few drinks, and we laughed for a while! Then came bed time… I tossed and turned all night, the last time I looked at the clock it was about 6:30am.

I woke up about 10, and was very nervous (that’s when I took the pic in the bathroom… I thought about not coming out! But I mustered up the guts, took a shower and we were on our way to the Cancer center at Shads where the surgery was gonna take place!

I wasn’t allowed to have anything to eat or drink since 12 hrs before and I was soooo thirsty. We got there on time but sat in the waiting room for about 2 hours. They finally called my name and that was the point of no return! I walked back the Prep Room, and as I did I held my hands behind my back with fingers crossed!

They got me back there, I put on a gown and slippers and got banded and scrubbed and then asked 10001 questions. I sat there for a few before mom was able to come back to wish me luck. Next thing I know Mom left crying and I was shaking, they made me lay back and wheeled me into the OR. The OR was large, lots of lights, white and TV monitors. They put Oxygen on me and a dont remember a thing afterwards! They had told me it was just oxygen lol.

I woke up feeling drugged with lots of people around me, and someone patting my face with a cool rag. next thing I know i heard people saying “you did good Tina, everything is good Tina” I then remember being put into my room.

I heard mom talking to me and crying and soon woke up all the way. I was in a hospital room! Needless to say I was doped up and all I remember is waiting water and having that little spongy thing to suck on and a button I was pressing every 6-7 minutes!

Mom said it was late, and that I had been in the OR for a little over 3 hours and in the recovery for another two. She was worried and Renee and her stared at “the Board” above the waiting room receptionist waiting for me to get out of OR and then out of Recovery.   It was about 7pm before she was able to see me.

Finally later that night Walter came to the hospital and mom and Renee went back to the Hotel. I had lots of trouble keeping an IV, I kept Blowing them, I blew 5 about 5 hours apart. I would wake up and my arm was totally swallen from the liquid!

I also kept setting the Oxygen alarm off and was having a hard time sleeping cus when I drifted off the damn alarm would sound because my Co2 level would drop. They finally put me on Oxygen and I was able to fall asleep good. 

I went to the swallow test the next morning and a bunch of tests and shots in my arm every 5 or so hours for my blood clotting. I was deff bruised up all over my arms as well as the incision sites! I was able to walk and hold down the stuff they gave me to drink a capfull at a time. I finally left the hospital thursday.  

1st Day home – God im a sissy today!

So I came home from the hospital today and I am in ALOT of pain, my tummy has this shooting pain in it that will not go away…I think they should have kept me in the hospital a bit longer, this is awful. They gave me liquid morphine which Medicaid only paid like 3/4ths of, but at this point I don’t care. House is a mess…figures…I have been sitting in the living room recliner afraid to move, haven’t even tempted to try to sleep in bed. I just been taking my med’s and drinking the optisource that they let me bring home. I am hoping I can order some of this cus it’s not half bad. (Carmel Flavor) the Bruises on my tummy showed up twice as big today, but they don’t hurt at all. The glue stuff they used over the incisions is kinda itchy. 

It’s hard cus I am here all alone, Walty had to work and he should be some about 10pm. I have been crying and moaning like a baby, I hate being alone like this. I tried calling a few people but I am talking slow and funny…   Drinking has not been an issue yet. I just take my time, the colder the the drink is the better it tastes and it’s weird cus I can feel it go down into my tummy. I haven’t even wanted food! Ugg, I was suppose to start back on liquids but I haven’t the energy to go into the kitchen to try to make anything, let alone, make enough to only eat 2-3 tablespoons. I need to buy more Grits, I kinda ONLY ate then for the last 4 weeks and have ran down to one pack left, but at a few tablespoons, that should last a day or two.   

Well I am going to drug myslef and lay down, will write more in a day or two.   


5 Days Before Surgery!

Okay so I had to just break down and do my before pictures and as much as i DO NOT want to post them, I am going too… as in 5 days I will be starting a whole new chapter in my life! Now I did write 424 on the picture and I am actually 415 but it’s not like that makes a huge difference! I cant wait to start seeing the difference!

I did buy some GNC Whey and citracil from Sweet Bay tonight. I also got some Muscle Milk and Atkins shakes, they are High Protien and Low sugar.

I have been craving food a little more, but i guess after 22 days on a liquid diet, thats bound to happen! I had a few bites of pizza today but did not swallow, and it did take the cravings away! I have been doing better with the protein shakes, been venturing into trying different thing, I added a scoop of icecream to a glucerna shake today with some mixed berry frozen fruit. 









WOW, thats a Wakeup call, im as big round as i am tall!

Puppies and Duckies!

Okay so we got rid of the puppies today, it only took a few cute pictures and an ad on Creig’s List & I started getting a crapload of calls! We have 3 left here, but one will be gone tomarrow morning and the other 2 we may be keeping, i KNOW 1 we are, Zues – I call him Zoo-Sasha just to fuck with Walty! LOL

Kayla has been such a good mommy! She is already dried up and we really need to get her fixed! Also we ended up picking up some extra animals while getting rid of the puppies, 4 lil Aflack’s lol…Duckies!

Walter is gonna convert the puppy kennel thing we made for them into a duck pen, and is gonna install a little pond thingy for them so swim in. Right now they are in my garden bathtub.

My tub has been Really hand for LOTS of things, puppies, thawing a pig, ducks and now i really wanna bath but the faucet is broken :( After surgery I wanna get a nice one!

Well I have 10 more days! I am getting really nervous but getting shit together before I have to go to the hospital. Mom and Rene are taking me to Gainsville on Monday so I am right there and dont have the long drive the morning of surgery, I will know the night before what time it will be

Just some Pictures of the new pups!

Pics of Pups, they are getting really big, had to move them outside, walt made an 8 foot by 8 foot enclosure thing for them, although some play hudini sometimes! They are eating hard food and will be ready to go on the 14th! Hope we can find good homes for all of them but ZueSasha! (hehe)

Me and Walty dyed our hair lol, his dident turn out as perty as mine! He did however pick the color! Go Walty!

Piggy Roast!

The pig roast wasent the only thing toasty last night, but damn it I deserve it! lol… We had about 15ish people, a few teenagers and lots of kids, i did manage to snap a pic of some of the little ones in the pool.  I baked mac & cheese, baked beans with brown sugar and develed eggs and mom2 brought over some cupcakes and chili. Everything was yummy but piggy wasent quite finish, George said he has to take walty back to pig cooking school :)

I dident eat much at all, maybe 4 or 5 bites thru the night, but I did throw back a beer and quite a few buttery nipples! LOL, I was feeling VERY good! glad I did that cus I havent gotten toasty in a long time! This will also be that last in a long time, as surgey is VERY close! 17 more days! Well just wanted to let everyone know how it went.  Oh and we got rid of waltys kids for almost a month, so me and him are BY OURSELVES! YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!


South of the Border Trip June 14th-15th

It’s been a very long two days!

We took the kids to SOUTH OF THE BORDER between NC & SC to meet Stan’s parents, so they could take the girls up to Maryland for the summer to see their dad’s family.  My mom was suppose to take me because I didn’t really trust the car or truck but she decided not to go at the last minute, she wanted to spend time with Gary who just got back from taking his mothers ash’s to Massachusetts where she waned to be burried.

Walter came with me instead but mom letme use her car. The tip up there was fine, was really hot but with me driving it went pretty fast.  left at 11am and were there by 9pm.  We had lots of snacks & drinks packed so we dident have to stop much. We got there & they had Bug, he got a lil bigger! hehe, they always seem to when they are gone for a while. He seems happy to see everyone, especially his sissies!

He was singing baby by Justin Beaber, it was tooo cute! Ther is a video on my facebook…

Anyway all went well and took a  bunch of pictures the next morning then we were on our way home! NOT a good trip, Moms Engine light came on & we went to turn her AC on cus it was getting hot, it started blowing out hot air, not good when it was prolly about 95 degrees outside already! We looked for the nearest FORD dealership & took in in. They told us it was probobly the ac compresser & it should make it home fine.  It did. We managed to survive temps of ove 105 with heat idex, sweating my imaginary balls off while all I could think about was “only I would fuck up moms car!”.  We stopped andate at Cracker Barrel and I got my candles and we were home by about 9PM.  Hot, Sweating, stinky and ready for bed!

Anyway here are some pictures, Cheyenne looked pissed off cus she did NOT want to take pics for some reason!


Larry & Elijah!

Larry finally got to see his son! He arrived in Korea to see Nancy and his son! He knew he BETTER post some pics…and he did! Lol, Elijah dosent look so cubby next to larry! HAHA

They are so sweet!