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Slower Month for loss!

October hasent been very nice to me, I am tipping the scale today at 362.5  …wich is about 65lb lost…I guess I should be happy I am still loosing!

My Goal for the future is to walk more, I did by a pedometer and said I was gonna start but my brother came home and its been a busy month! I think I am looking good in the pics!

He Finally admitted to seeing a weight loss, he is such a tough ass! and I can totally see it in this picture! We drove to SC to drop him off on the 14th and on my way home I went to the aquarium and to a Seafood Festival in Richmond Hill GA…where I had the most delicious White Fish-ka-bob ever! To bad I could only eat a few bites! So my Goal by Nove 30th is another 30lbs! That means I have about 40 days!

I can do it…Yes I can!


My Favorite at the Aquarium – Mama & Baby Turtles Holding hands!

Me in the Kids Boathouse in the Aquarium! HAHA

Larry & Elijah!

Larry finally got to see his son! He arrived in Korea to see Nancy and his son! He knew he BETTER post some pics…and he did! Lol, Elijah dosent look so cubby next to larry! HAHA

They are so sweet!

Christopher Elijah & Larry

Heard from my brother, hes doing okay and really want to see the baby! He wants me to send him some E-cigs and juice so he can be smoke free when he finally gets leave and is able to see the baby who is getting to be HUGE, hes a big boy! Takes after us I guess ;) Hes a Pumpkin, I cant wait to see him when they fianally get over here.

Thats actually why Larry called, I have to figure out the best way to get her here. Since they are both still married it is gonna be a little harder to get the right paperwork for customs. I called Holly and she is gonna help me look into it.

Here is a recent pics of my lil nephew! Hes so adorable!

My 510’s came!!!!

Okay, so it started out to be an AWSOME day, roads are still flooded so I sent Walter out to get the mail this morning, No Birthday cards filled with money, actually I didn’t get ANY birthday cards :( BUT….I got my Joye 510 e-cig  from Nicotine Nirvana today and OMG this thingis GREAT! It really really gives you a huge throat hit and feels just like your smoking, well plus I got all my weird flavors from MsT’s bakeryand they were awesome (vaping on some Snicker-doodle Cookies right now!) Plus shes very Cheap – $5.00 a bottle, which lasts about  the same as a carton of cigs!

Excited about tomorrow & finishing up all my tests for the Gastric and getting it out of the way!

 I woke up at 6:50AM this morning to My brother, he was calling from Afghanistan, he said he was pissed cus he was in tents with no heat or electric, I found a picture of how he described it, he said it was green rolling hills and mountains in the background. He is not in this picture, I just found this of Internet of Afghanistan.  

He said besides the living in the tents, no elec and no heat it is gorgeous there. Hes in a pretty safe place, pretty desolate.

He didn’t remember it was my birthday, but that’s Okay, at least I heard from him and I reminded him. Jade brought me over a birthday cake, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her i don’t like peach jam, she had texted me last night and asked if we liked “peaches’ and of course I LOVE the fruit itself, but had no clue she was gonna put it in the cake lol, I scraped it off and just ate the rest, and it was pretty good! Yummy.

Well That’s enought for now, ttyl

Sooo Cute!

Nothing much going on today, kind of a dead day. Walters was raking leaves at my moms and I was cleaning, working and trying to catch up on laundry, it’s gonna take a day or two with 6 kids, especially after the whole “cleaning of the rooms” escapade.

There are more pics on Elijah (My brothers new baby boy) on facebook, he looks just like Larry! Nancy has lots of pictures of him and you should just see all the faces her makes!  …hehe, he got my nose!! lol

Work was steady and a little slow during the day, so plenty of time to think about different stuff today, I think my biggest concern right nor is the 2 week liquid diet before my surgery and getting medicade to approve it even though they told me that should not be an issue, I guess I will wait and see. The rest of my tests are thursday, then we can submit everything to get approved!

Well Hopefully I will have more to write tomarrow, Im still smoke free and I will be 33 in a few hours!!  Happy birthday to me!!