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Three weeks – No Smoke!









Okay, so no real eater baskets or Easter egg hunts, Walters mom made all 6 kids Easter baskets so we just blindfolded all the kids and threw 100plus eggs on the floor and let them find them while blindfolded, it was quite entertaining for us adults!  They kept letting go of their baskets and could not find them lol!!

It’s amazing, a little bit of change and one dollar bills in some of the eggs got them Sooo eggsited! (hehe) I also had little pet shops and matchbox cars in some.

Still waiting on my passthru for my 510 ;( was not in the mail today:(

Oh, and my 510’s battery died today, so I grabbed a pack of smokes thinking I would just smoke one or two till i was able to get home to charge mine, and I lit it took 1 ta 2 drags and thru it out the window…OMG it was fucking NASTY, felt like I inhaled and ashtray and made me sick to my tummy…

I am glad I did it though, cus now I will NEVER EVER go back to ciggs & no more craving for a real cig!

Two weeks no smoking




IT Feels Great to be able to say I have gone this long, i LOVE Vaping!


My 510’s came!!!!

Okay, so it started out to be an AWSOME day, roads are still flooded so I sent Walter out to get the mail this morning, No Birthday cards filled with money, actually I didn’t get ANY birthday cards :( BUT….I got my Joye 510 e-cig  from Nicotine Nirvana today and OMG this thingis GREAT! It really really gives you a huge throat hit and feels just like your smoking, well plus I got all my weird flavors from MsT’s bakeryand they were awesome (vaping on some Snicker-doodle Cookies right now!) Plus shes very Cheap – $5.00 a bottle, which lasts about  the same as a carton of cigs!

Excited about tomorrow & finishing up all my tests for the Gastric and getting it out of the way!

 I woke up at 6:50AM this morning to My brother, he was calling from Afghanistan, he said he was pissed cus he was in tents with no heat or electric, I found a picture of how he described it, he said it was green rolling hills and mountains in the background. He is not in this picture, I just found this of Internet of Afghanistan.  

He said besides the living in the tents, no elec and no heat it is gorgeous there. Hes in a pretty safe place, pretty desolate.

He didn’t remember it was my birthday, but that’s Okay, at least I heard from him and I reminded him. Jade brought me over a birthday cake, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her i don’t like peach jam, she had texted me last night and asked if we liked “peaches’ and of course I LOVE the fruit itself, but had no clue she was gonna put it in the cake lol, I scraped it off and just ate the rest, and it was pretty good! Yummy.

Well That’s enought for now, ttyl