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Lots ‘o Appointments and Sick

Yesterday  was a LONG day! I am writing this in the morning cus I was to sick to write last night.

 I woke up and had to take off the Seven Rivers for My upper GI, and all I wanted was a glass of tea!! I have the fasting tests! I was seen right away but not before the little skinny nurse saw me and said she had to find out if the table would hold me. I think she could of kept that comment to herself and just said We will be right with you…. uggg…  they made me drink what seemed like a 1/2 gallon of the Barium Swallow because they said my stomach released it too quick, so I dont think drinking double that crap helped as far as making me sick to my stomach!

After the hospital, I had to go get moms car and go to my Psych visit and that appointment dident go well either, The “dr” dident approve of the surgery in general and said he did not want to sign off on it. I told him that I wasent there for his fucking opinion, I was there for him to say wether I was “mentally ready” for a major surgery… wich I am! The supervisor woman stepped in and they talked a while, as I paced a hole in the floor of the waiting room ( I dont fit in their chairs!) Anyway a few questions from supervisor and his whole attitude changed, and the refferal WAS written!!

My Stomach was KILLING me by that point, I’m assuming from the Barium Swallow, I went home and crashed out for like 2 hours.  Mom had called me while I was in the dr office and said Gary was being admitted into the hospital for that skin-eating stuff on his foot, seems like today was not a good day for anyone.

I drove over to moms about 7pm & talked to her till about 11. I came home and I crashed out again because my stomach was still hurting really bad.