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1 week Post Op!

Sorry I haven’t updated been kinda busy getting back to work, I will write about my hospital experience soon. I wanted to say YEAH to my 1 week Post op Blog! So far so good, pain is almost completely gone, and incisions are healing up okay, ones a little pink. Its been hard with hardly any food but I’m getting thru it!

I had my first Pouch-reject tonight, I ate one little bite of chicken Walty brought home and then my grits as normal and i did a bad thing and drank like allot of water right after. I got a Pain in my chest and then without warning, grits out my nose and mouth! UGG, i was in pain for 2 hours! Its finally over!

1st Day home – God im a sissy today!

So I came home from the hospital today and I am in ALOT of pain, my tummy has this shooting pain in it that will not go away…I think they should have kept me in the hospital a bit longer, this is awful. They gave me liquid morphine which Medicaid only paid like 3/4ths of, but at this point I don’t care. House is a mess…figures…I have been sitting in the living room recliner afraid to move, haven’t even tempted to try to sleep in bed. I just been taking my med’s and drinking the optisource that they let me bring home. I am hoping I can order some of this cus it’s not half bad. (Carmel Flavor) the Bruises on my tummy showed up twice as big today, but they don’t hurt at all. The glue stuff they used over the incisions is kinda itchy. 

It’s hard cus I am here all alone, Walty had to work and he should be some about 10pm. I have been crying and moaning like a baby, I hate being alone like this. I tried calling a few people but I am talking slow and funny…   Drinking has not been an issue yet. I just take my time, the colder the the drink is the better it tastes and it’s weird cus I can feel it go down into my tummy. I haven’t even wanted food! Ugg, I was suppose to start back on liquids but I haven’t the energy to go into the kitchen to try to make anything, let alone, make enough to only eat 2-3 tablespoons. I need to buy more Grits, I kinda ONLY ate then for the last 4 weeks and have ran down to one pack left, but at a few tablespoons, that should last a day or two.   

Well I am going to drug myslef and lay down, will write more in a day or two.