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My BMI table shows I am SUPER!

I have a BMI of 62.6.  at 434.5lbs
This puts me in the Super Morbid Obesity category.
Your BMI is extremely high and is enough to qualify you for bariatric surgery.The table below shows value ranges and what they mean.
Range Meaning
less than 18.5 Underweight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25.0 – 29.9 Overweight
30.0 – 39.9 Obese
40.0 – 50 Extremely Obese
over 50 Super Obese

Off to the last apt before surgery! (lost 10 lbs)

So… I left for Shands with my mom at about 6:45am, after a very wrestless night. I was really worried about what was gonna happen and whether my partial liquid diet had helped me loose any weight.

I get to Shands right on time. And there are a few other larger people in the lobby. Right away after only about 10 minutes I get called back and stand looking at the scale in front of me and its like the scariest feeling I have felt in a long time, my heart and tummy has switched places and all i could think of was “did I poop this morning” ..I know bad right… Well i step on, and the numbers go up VERY fast. OMG are they gonna stop??? Yes, 415 YES!!! I lost 10 lbs thank god! Amelia also gave me some soap to wash with the day before & day of the surgery.

The surgery WILL be on the 27th, the paper that I had gotten for the 28th was the thingy they do the day after the sug=rgery to make sure there are no leaks. I have to call this phone number the night before the surgery to find out what time I have to go in, so we are staying the night in Gainsville at a hotel as I am so nervous about something happening to me before surgery!

Next I went to a seminar room with 4 or 5 other people, all smaller then me, one was a guy who didn’t even look like he needed the surgery to me. We sat thru a nutritionist who just kept saying the same things, NUTRITUION, get your PROTEIN and Take your pills… Okay, thats over with… on to next stop…

Anaesthesiologist (or however you spell that) Lots of questions here, but it was easy, Im not allergic to anything and I am pretty healty besides being fat! On to the next person who just checked a bunch of boxes on my paperwork and sent me downstairs. X-rays of my chest, at least I did not have to drink the Barium swallow this time. I prolly would have not been able to keep it down after not eating anything. One more person. BLOOD work, Lots of tubes of blood and a cup to piss in. Fuck why dident that tell me I was gonna have to pee in a damn cup! I just used the potty before coming to this office…UGGGG…I know I sat there for 10 minutes on the toilet. I even managed to drop the cup in the toilet..Not good. Okay managed to squeeze a few drops. ALL DONE!

I wanted food! Well Grits (wich have become my bestest friend) But mom wanted to go to Shoneys, and I ended up with potato soup, not to bad, just ALOT of chunks of crap with I wasn’t allowed to eat. Okay I wont lie – it was horrible, but i did manage to get full and I had a few bites of cheese grits. I don’t really care for them, but its better then nothing!

Home finally at about 2pm, A lot better then I thought! Nap time…and grits time! lol

Surgery Date!!!!!!!!!

So you ask…WHY is it a happy Friday? Wellllllll….i FINALLY got approved thru Medicaid and got a surgery Date…WHOOOOOOOO

Only thing is, its not till Aug 16th, but hey….It’s a date!!!

Pre-Op is schedualed for Aug 12th 

Last Apt date July 28th

This is the best day in a LONG time!! WHOOOO

Okay, so I’m not completly normal…who is?

Went to My psych apointment today, all went very well and I actually liked this Doctor, he was right about the things he was saying like about my mood swings and anxiety. He deff thinks the surgery will also help with all these & my depression as well.  He gave me new meds, a anti cunvulsive called Trileptal that is used as a mood stabelizer. I am also to continue the Prozac, but drop it down to 60 mg. I hope that this new combo of meds helps.


Went to Mom’s and spent a little time there, she had picked up Cheyenne from the end of my road since the damn busses will not come here anymore.

They suck! Instead of taking the bus down the road they would rather my daughter walk in water that is calf/knee deep and has an alligator in it along with lord only know how much bacteria and other crap!

Will write more later!

Stupid and UGGGGGg

Bad day yesterday, I called Shand’s to see if they had received my paperwork from the Upper GI and Psych Eval and Amelia told me they hadn’t gotten anything. She also informed me that The surgeon that was suppose to do my surgery has taken a extended “leave” from the hospital and Dr Ben-David will be taking on his surgeries (one of wich is me) so this will postpone my surgery until May, I don’t even wanna guess when in May, but she said they started booking surgery dates in May and The Dr may also open another day of the week for surgeries, right now he only does them one day a week – Tuesday’s.  UGGGGGGG

I am not gonna guess to my surgery date anymore, and will tell everyone when it’s SCHEDUALED and written in black & white on the hospitals calender.

They still cant figure out whats wrong with gary, :(  The kids are making him get-well cards and of course making a mess… but having a good time with all the craft crap.

Oh and just to CLARIFY the whole “i didn’t get anything, not even a card for my birthday” thing, My mom got me a belated card & its even GREEN! hehe

<—————-SEE, PRETTY!

Thank you mommy! And I still haven’t gone to get my b-day present from Kay Jeweler’s! 

Other then that everything the same, the road is still flooded and I’m working hard as usual!



Lots ‘o Appointments and Sick

Yesterday  was a LONG day! I am writing this in the morning cus I was to sick to write last night.

 I woke up and had to take off the Seven Rivers for My upper GI, and all I wanted was a glass of tea!! I have the fasting tests! I was seen right away but not before the little skinny nurse saw me and said she had to find out if the table would hold me. I think she could of kept that comment to herself and just said We will be right with you…. uggg…  they made me drink what seemed like a 1/2 gallon of the Barium Swallow because they said my stomach released it too quick, so I dont think drinking double that crap helped as far as making me sick to my stomach!

After the hospital, I had to go get moms car and go to my Psych visit and that appointment dident go well either, The “dr” dident approve of the surgery in general and said he did not want to sign off on it. I told him that I wasent there for his fucking opinion, I was there for him to say wether I was “mentally ready” for a major surgery… wich I am! The supervisor woman stepped in and they talked a while, as I paced a hole in the floor of the waiting room ( I dont fit in their chairs!) Anyway a few questions from supervisor and his whole attitude changed, and the refferal WAS written!!

My Stomach was KILLING me by that point, I’m assuming from the Barium Swallow, I went home and crashed out for like 2 hours.  Mom had called me while I was in the dr office and said Gary was being admitted into the hospital for that skin-eating stuff on his foot, seems like today was not a good day for anyone.

I drove over to moms about 7pm & talked to her till about 11. I came home and I crashed out again because my stomach was still hurting really bad.

Day 2 (aprox 6 weeks pre-op)

 March 19th
Proud of myself, a full 24 hours and not a single cigg which is good considering I have been smoking for over 17 years, and don’t think in the past 7 years have gone anywhere near that long without a single puff. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought, I had my patch on, and my Blu.. which i used sparingly, I think the main time I wanted a cigg was after I ate, but that is so out of habit!

No baby food trials tonight, hell no …even though I found about 15 more damn jars, but I am not going anywhere near them until i HAVE to. I don’t know If my tummy ever recovered after last nights baby food taste testing.

Cheyenne turned 13 today, a teen..whoo hooo…so excited…. NOT! She will always be my baby. I think she enjoyed all the presents she got. The other kids all went to the carnival at the school.

My mom gave me a $60 gift certificate to Kay’s Jewelry to find a new pendant for my necklace, I think I was to get a Piggy or something, kinda as a reminder. I looked at their site and all I found was a fat penguin!  Hehe, but gotta admit he is kinda cute, but I will go to the store & look more.

I did what I thought was my psych evaluation this morning, but i ended up only doing an Intake and almost went off on them when they told me I had to wait aprox 4 weeks for my next apt, to get the evaluation done. I cried, as always and demanded that they see me before next week as it took me almost 2 months to get that far and i was NOT gonna risk loosing my surgery dates over this. The lady excused herself and came back moments later, the managed to “fit me in” next wen. the 24th at 12:45, which is the same day as my Upper GI – but that’s at 9:30 AM. I really don’t understand why I even have to go back, I was there for about 3 plus hours today telling my life history, i honestly think the intake workers do all the work & tell the actual shrink what to say.

Well, its almost 1 am, going to get some sleep because I feel like I have been on the run all week and my body is starting to really ache.


Day 1 – (aprox 6 weeks Pre-Op)

March 18th – Midnight,
YUCK, how do babies eat baby food! I sat down with my kids today and tried various baby foods, so I know what I like and don’t, i Seriously almost threw up!! I tried things like Chick & stars, spaghetti, butternut squash, mac & cheese, turkey & gravy, peas…OMG they are nasty, I did however like the square see-thr container baby foods, but only the fruits. Even an hour after trying the baby food my stomach is feeling NOT-so-good! My surgery will probably be April 20 or 27th – if everything goes according to plan, My psych eval is in the morning & Upper GI is Wen, that’s the last test i need, then they can submit my paperwork to medicaid and we can prey from there.

My boss has had surgery and shes been a help, and my kids and mom are very supportive as well, hell the kids were egging me on about trying the baby food with me tonight! The 2 week Before surgery Liquid diet worries me a bit, and the quitting smoking, but I HAVE to do these things or I will NOT get the gastric.

I can not Gain any weight before surgery, and I am currently at 424.5 according to their scales at Shands.

Okay I am smoking my last cigarette, and I really do need to quit.. The blu electronic cig will help and I found out today from the Dr’s at Shands that They are fine and not really looking for Nicotine. I also ordered a Joye 510 and 13 new e-liquid flavors.

Things I Have to do soon!:
Less sugar in tea
QUIT smoking
Eat less, more
find protein shake I like


(will post later)