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50-ish lbs Lost!

the face shots were the closest in position i could get!

Hospital & surgery!

Went to Gainesville and stayed in a hotel on Monday, the day before my surgery. I was told to call Monday night between 7-9pm for the exact surgery time. We left here about 2pm and arrived at a very nice hotel in Gainesville by 4pm. I was more calmer then I thought I would be and swam in the pool and watched TV. I called at 7 and they told me to report to the surgery place at Noon.

Mom and Renee had a few drinks, and we laughed for a while! Then came bed time… I tossed and turned all night, the last time I looked at the clock it was about 6:30am.

I woke up about 10, and was very nervous (that’s when I took the pic in the bathroom… I thought about not coming out! But I mustered up the guts, took a shower and we were on our way to the Cancer center at Shads where the surgery was gonna take place!

I wasn’t allowed to have anything to eat or drink since 12 hrs before and I was soooo thirsty. We got there on time but sat in the waiting room for about 2 hours. They finally called my name and that was the point of no return! I walked back the Prep Room, and as I did I held my hands behind my back with fingers crossed!

They got me back there, I put on a gown and slippers and got banded and scrubbed and then asked 10001 questions. I sat there for a few before mom was able to come back to wish me luck. Next thing I know Mom left crying and I was shaking, they made me lay back and wheeled me into the OR. The OR was large, lots of lights, white and TV monitors. They put Oxygen on me and a dont remember a thing afterwards! They had told me it was just oxygen lol.

I woke up feeling drugged with lots of people around me, and someone patting my face with a cool rag. next thing I know i heard people saying “you did good Tina, everything is good Tina” I then remember being put into my room.

I heard mom talking to me and crying and soon woke up all the way. I was in a hospital room! Needless to say I was doped up and all I remember is waiting water and having that little spongy thing to suck on and a button I was pressing every 6-7 minutes!

Mom said it was late, and that I had been in the OR for a little over 3 hours and in the recovery for another two. She was worried and Renee and her stared at “the Board” above the waiting room receptionist waiting for me to get out of OR and then out of Recovery.   It was about 7pm before she was able to see me.

Finally later that night Walter came to the hospital and mom and Renee went back to the Hotel. I had lots of trouble keeping an IV, I kept Blowing them, I blew 5 about 5 hours apart. I would wake up and my arm was totally swallen from the liquid!

I also kept setting the Oxygen alarm off and was having a hard time sleeping cus when I drifted off the damn alarm would sound because my Co2 level would drop. They finally put me on Oxygen and I was able to fall asleep good. 

I went to the swallow test the next morning and a bunch of tests and shots in my arm every 5 or so hours for my blood clotting. I was deff bruised up all over my arms as well as the incision sites! I was able to walk and hold down the stuff they gave me to drink a capfull at a time. I finally left the hospital thursday.  

Pills! Replaced with More!

One good thing about having the Gastric Bypass is that the amount of medication that I take now will be greatly reduced , if not all of it gone.

The only issue is, it will be replaced my protein shakes, multi vitamins, Citrate (calcium pills) and other vitamins and crap that I will need the rest of my life!

Well, One more day till I leave for surgery, so hopefully my next entry will be from Shands! Wish me luck!

5 Days Before Surgery!

Okay so I had to just break down and do my before pictures and as much as i DO NOT want to post them, I am going too… as in 5 days I will be starting a whole new chapter in my life! Now I did write 424 on the picture and I am actually 415 but it’s not like that makes a huge difference! I cant wait to start seeing the difference!

I did buy some GNC Whey and citracil from Sweet Bay tonight. I also got some Muscle Milk and Atkins shakes, they are High Protien and Low sugar.

I have been craving food a little more, but i guess after 22 days on a liquid diet, thats bound to happen! I had a few bites of pizza today but did not swallow, and it did take the cravings away! I have been doing better with the protein shakes, been venturing into trying different thing, I added a scoop of icecream to a glucerna shake today with some mixed berry frozen fruit. 









WOW, thats a Wakeup call, im as big round as i am tall!

Puppies and Duckies!

Okay so we got rid of the puppies today, it only took a few cute pictures and an ad on Creig’s List & I started getting a crapload of calls! We have 3 left here, but one will be gone tomarrow morning and the other 2 we may be keeping, i KNOW 1 we are, Zues – I call him Zoo-Sasha just to fuck with Walty! LOL

Kayla has been such a good mommy! She is already dried up and we really need to get her fixed! Also we ended up picking up some extra animals while getting rid of the puppies, 4 lil Aflack’s lol…Duckies!

Walter is gonna convert the puppy kennel thing we made for them into a duck pen, and is gonna install a little pond thingy for them so swim in. Right now they are in my garden bathtub.

My tub has been Really hand for LOTS of things, puppies, thawing a pig, ducks and now i really wanna bath but the faucet is broken :( After surgery I wanna get a nice one!

Well I have 10 more days! I am getting really nervous but getting shit together before I have to go to the hospital. Mom and Rene are taking me to Gainsville on Monday so I am right there and dont have the long drive the morning of surgery, I will know the night before what time it will be

Off to the last apt before surgery! (lost 10 lbs)

So… I left for Shands with my mom at about 6:45am, after a very wrestless night. I was really worried about what was gonna happen and whether my partial liquid diet had helped me loose any weight.

I get to Shands right on time. And there are a few other larger people in the lobby. Right away after only about 10 minutes I get called back and stand looking at the scale in front of me and its like the scariest feeling I have felt in a long time, my heart and tummy has switched places and all i could think of was “did I poop this morning” ..I know bad right… Well i step on, and the numbers go up VERY fast. OMG are they gonna stop??? Yes, 415 YES!!! I lost 10 lbs thank god! Amelia also gave me some soap to wash with the day before & day of the surgery.

The surgery WILL be on the 27th, the paper that I had gotten for the 28th was the thingy they do the day after the sug=rgery to make sure there are no leaks. I have to call this phone number the night before the surgery to find out what time I have to go in, so we are staying the night in Gainsville at a hotel as I am so nervous about something happening to me before surgery!

Next I went to a seminar room with 4 or 5 other people, all smaller then me, one was a guy who didn’t even look like he needed the surgery to me. We sat thru a nutritionist who just kept saying the same things, NUTRITUION, get your PROTEIN and Take your pills… Okay, thats over with… on to next stop…

Anaesthesiologist (or however you spell that) Lots of questions here, but it was easy, Im not allergic to anything and I am pretty healty besides being fat! On to the next person who just checked a bunch of boxes on my paperwork and sent me downstairs. X-rays of my chest, at least I did not have to drink the Barium swallow this time. I prolly would have not been able to keep it down after not eating anything. One more person. BLOOD work, Lots of tubes of blood and a cup to piss in. Fuck why dident that tell me I was gonna have to pee in a damn cup! I just used the potty before coming to this office…UGGGG…I know I sat there for 10 minutes on the toilet. I even managed to drop the cup in the toilet..Not good. Okay managed to squeeze a few drops. ALL DONE!

I wanted food! Well Grits (wich have become my bestest friend) But mom wanted to go to Shoneys, and I ended up with potato soup, not to bad, just ALOT of chunks of crap with I wasn’t allowed to eat. Okay I wont lie – it was horrible, but i did manage to get full and I had a few bites of cheese grits. I don’t really care for them, but its better then nothing!

Home finally at about 2pm, A lot better then I thought! Nap time…and grits time! lol

Fucking Pissed!

Okay so I am REALLY pissed off, I really need to weigh myself and I cant find ANYONE or any PLACE with a scale that weighs above 350… Curves, Hospital, Doctors, CVS, Walmart or even Sam’s Club. I am a little pissed cus the Hospital woman was rude saying maybe they can put you on the loading docks out back… this is the first time I have cried over my weight in a very long time!

 It’s usually me that makes the jokes, but this time it really hurt especially since she had a tone to her voice like she was making fun of the whole thing. I guess i will find out next Thursday at my Shands appointment if I lost anything. 

Talk to you latter when I am not very upset!

My diet.

Okay so i started making a log, you can view it HERE , with all i ate, slept and notes of how I felt, I do not have to do an all liquid diet until the 14th, but I am trying to get my body use to it.  So far so good, just been very tired but I am sure that is a lack of Carbs and Caffeine. I have almost cut out tea completely and found these carnation smoothies very good & filling in the morning. 

I am glad I can have grits and oatmeal too, gives me something a little solid. I put I cant beleave its not butter and brown sugar splenda in them…Yum! Lots of people hate grits…but ever since a few years back when I worked at Huddle House in Georgia and learned to make then right, I love them.

 I may try a creamed soup today… like cream of potato or mushroom.  What sucks is that fact I really don’t like sherbet and Popsicle’s, cause I am allowed all those I want. Oh well I will be eating allot of grits lol… well at least I am able to do this, and my body isn’t like completely shutting down.

Started drinking coffee again (with splenda) so maybe that will help with caffeine.  I use to drink it all the time, but with shitloads of sugar, I HATE splenda in tea but in coffee it is okay, at lease wakes me up a little.

Shands Apointment!

Okay, me and mom went to Shands today, had to be there by 9AM. We were about 30 min early wich is good because we went to the wrong building which turned out to be the right building… long story but while sitting in the general surgery office where I checked in & has been before, they took forEVER to call us. It was almost 10 and finally I hear my name and Ms Redick says I should have been in the other building for a short seminar …”that WAS where I was and they sent me HERE!” I told her. She said it’s fine… and told me to come back, there I got weighed (holding breath) okay not to bad. I haven’t changed anything really, just started cutting down on tea and this week is “that time of month” so as the scale read off 425 I was relieved, I picked up 1/2 pound, that’s cool cus I know I have been retaining water, and drinking like 2 gallons of it a day! She told me that my liquid diet should help me to loose the 20 lbs they WANT me to loose before surgery.

Anyways, she said “okay your done, see you on the 15th” I was like WTF….I came ALL THE WAY here to get weighed? She said Yup and walked away…OMG well at least mom We came home and I read my packet of papers. I was relieved to see Oatmeal and Grits as “allowed” food on the liquid diet. I don’t know how, as there not really liqiuds but I am NOT complaining, I like em both!

Enough today, very tired and need a good long nap!


I am SOOO excited, I got a call from Shands today and my surgery has been moved up! I am scheduled NOW for JULY 27th!! That is me and Walter’s One year anniversary! I think that’s pretty cool!

Now I am getting excited cus that’s like a bit over a month, I have an appointment next wen for my weigh in at Shands and my anesthesiology / pre-op apt is for July 15th.  I think she said that I would have to start my liquid diet on the 30th to, but I’m not sure, cus that would be a month of liquid diet!

I have been waiting for so long for this and am really excited about getting healthy and loosing the weight! Everyone has been a great support, Walt, mom, mini and even Michelle who has had a bad experience with the procedure, shes been telling me lots of diff things to be ready for!

OTHER Updates:

  • Puppies are getting HUGE
  • Kids are in MD safe and sound
  • Cheyenne passed 6th grade by the skin of her teeth
  • I have been drinking more water and less tea!
  • I am into my 4th month of being SMOKE FREE!

Surgery Date!!!!!!!!!

So you ask…WHY is it a happy Friday? Wellllllll….i FINALLY got approved thru Medicaid and got a surgery Date…WHOOOOOOOO

Only thing is, its not till Aug 16th, but hey….It’s a date!!!

Pre-Op is schedualed for Aug 12th 

Last Apt date July 28th

This is the best day in a LONG time!! WHOOOO

Hot, Hot and More Heat

Okay, yeah I know it’s been a while but I have NOT had a great week! First off it started with my truck gettina a flat tire, AGAIN! God I have really bad luck with tires on that thing!

Then my Air condition breaks, its Friday at 5:10pm, I was Praying that someone could come out and fix it… he came out and told me that he could NOT fix it because he had to let the compresser cool off and let it sit for a while. He came back the next day and told me that it was the TXV, Ug, he said it would cost me almost $800.00 NOT good when payroll is monday and I barley have worked myself, meanwhile its like 110 degrees in my house…NO LIE,  and I cant STAND it! He said it would be monday or tuesday before he could get the part…that means 5 days in a house thats 110 degrees! My house sits on a hill with NO shade, and with 3 sliding doors I get ALOT of heat!

Saturday – Car Overheats & Needs new Thermostat – Another Bill but thank god it got fixed right away and only $60.00 & 2 hours of me and Cheyenne standing in 100 degree florida heat!

 Monday rolls around, no AC guy

Tuesday – Rains like a Bit*h and No AC guy

Wen – Barley made it thru the night, hot as hell still no AC guy…UGGGG

Thursday – 7:30AM the AC guy FINALLY shows up!

AC is Fixed with a $660.00 Bill! WHOOO HOOO, hey at least its not $800.00.

This has been the most AWSOME week….NOT!

Three weeks – No Smoke!








$400.00 Tags and $3.99 Smoothies anyone?

Okay, today was a long day!

I woke up and went over to moms, we were going to get the new car I got straight. I paid $500 for the car but we found out soon after getting to the title and tag place it was gonna cost $400.50 to title and tagit. Florida has some stupid fee of $200 if  you have never tagged a vehicle in Florida, that is CRAZY!! But we got everything taken care of and I get back to the car to check it out cus I had not even seen it close up at this point!

Well Very nice interior, red velvety seats and clean. There was only ONE problem, wich is a very BIG problem…I barely fit behind the wheel!  Now I have another thing to look forward to getting the gastric bypass for!! I can put the back of the seat down really far & Sit like im chillin…lmfao. It’s a good thing I am Tall!

Got a bulb for the truck tail light and I took mom to the grocery store where I found the glucerna really cheap like 3.99 for a 4 pack of cans! Yesterday I paid 5.99 for a 4-pack. I tasted it last night & its the first one I think I can stomach (a supplement meal replacement). It was the Handmade Vanilla flavor, I didn’t see the butter Pecan Flavor I saw on their website ;( Last night I used the glucerna and some frozen fruit and made a slushy, it wasn’t bad but the needed a little sugar or sugar substitute, maybe a scoop of ice cream (i have read allot of people do that). Only other problem with it was I think the Blackberries left rather large seeds, and I don’t think after surgery my stomach would be able to handle that!

Well its like 3am, so I better get some sleep. Walters kids are at their g-mas and we need to go get his learner’s permit tomorrow. Yippee fun fun!


Okay, so no real eater baskets or Easter egg hunts, Walters mom made all 6 kids Easter baskets so we just blindfolded all the kids and threw 100plus eggs on the floor and let them find them while blindfolded, it was quite entertaining for us adults!  They kept letting go of their baskets and could not find them lol!!

It’s amazing, a little bit of change and one dollar bills in some of the eggs got them Sooo eggsited! (hehe) I also had little pet shops and matchbox cars in some.

Still waiting on my passthru for my 510 ;( was not in the mail today:(

Oh, and my 510’s battery died today, so I grabbed a pack of smokes thinking I would just smoke one or two till i was able to get home to charge mine, and I lit it took 1 ta 2 drags and thru it out the window…OMG it was fucking NASTY, felt like I inhaled and ashtray and made me sick to my tummy…

I am glad I did it though, cus now I will NEVER EVER go back to ciggs & no more craving for a real cig!