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Eating out!

Okay So I have tried eating out a few times and the verdict is in, Wendy’s Chili is hands down the best food for my new tummy, I have had it about 4 times and each time i get a small cup – it’s enough for 2-3 servings.

YUMMY, now I will admit that i have never liked chili much at all, so everyone was correct about my taste buds changing! I always get them to add cheese and I use a pack of  saltines they give you. Yummy.

I have also tried:

  • McDonalds  fish sandwich wich I did not eat bread (to much greese)
  • Sonic Grilled cheese minus crust (was fine, but it dosent have that “rel” grilled cheese taste)
  • Huddle House Egg Beaters (not bad but needed lots of Salt & Pepper)
  • Waffle House Grits (they are pretty thick but easy to keep down)

2 weeks Post Op

I am doing good, and able to eat soft food. I have had Wendy’s Chili, Fish, chicken (no skin) Eggbeaters, lunch meat and a bite of other stuff here & there. I have thrown up a few times but I am 99% sure its from Drinking while I eat with is a No-No. I just kept forgetting or didn’t wait long enough!

I need to drink  more protien shakes, I was doing good with that but I am only drinking one a day now and I know that is NOT enough with only eating 1-2 small meals in a day.  Mom said she can notice a difference in my face and I think my clohes are fitting more comfy. I have lost about 30-35 lbs.  I want to have lost at least 50 lbs by the end of the month.

It has been raining like crazy and the kids just went back to school so I havent started walking a whole lot yet but I am gonna start this week… It’s very important for the weight loss that I exercise and/or walk everyday!

Grilled Cheese!

Okay so for the past few days i have been CRAVING a hot, buttery & gooey Grilled Cheese sandwich!

I have NO CLUE why, It’s not like it was ever my favorite food or anything.

Soo anyway we went to Wally World tonight to get some last minute school stuff. Chey needed a bookbag and Sierra needed shoes & we needed a few groceries. We got done about 11pm and went to McD’s to get some smoothies and they were out of them so we decided to go to Sonic and while we were there Chey, Sierra and Wally decided they wanted that connie island foot long hotdog.

While I was asking about the kids meals I heard her say “Grilled Cheese” OMG, i want that!!! So I went ahead and ordered that kids meal with an unsweetened tea. I pulled off the crust and took a small bite, then 2…YUMMY,  I ate half and everything went fine, I waited a while and ate a few more small bites. I managed to hold everything down!

Walter was a Piggy – TWO conney hot dogs, chili-oinion & cheese tots and TWO rootbeer floats! WOW… geesh, hes gonna need a bigger size pants by the end of the month!

1 week Post Op!

Sorry I haven’t updated been kinda busy getting back to work, I will write about my hospital experience soon. I wanted to say YEAH to my 1 week Post op Blog! So far so good, pain is almost completely gone, and incisions are healing up okay, ones a little pink. Its been hard with hardly any food but I’m getting thru it!

I had my first Pouch-reject tonight, I ate one little bite of chicken Walty brought home and then my grits as normal and i did a bad thing and drank like allot of water right after. I got a Pain in my chest and then without warning, grits out my nose and mouth! UGG, i was in pain for 2 hours! Its finally over!

Pills! Replaced with More!

One good thing about having the Gastric Bypass is that the amount of medication that I take now will be greatly reduced , if not all of it gone.

The only issue is, it will be replaced my protein shakes, multi vitamins, Citrate (calcium pills) and other vitamins and crap that I will need the rest of my life!

Well, One more day till I leave for surgery, so hopefully my next entry will be from Shands! Wish me luck!

Piggy Roast!

The pig roast wasent the only thing toasty last night, but damn it I deserve it! lol… We had about 15ish people, a few teenagers and lots of kids, i did manage to snap a pic of some of the little ones in the pool.  I baked mac & cheese, baked beans with brown sugar and develed eggs and mom2 brought over some cupcakes and chili. Everything was yummy but piggy wasent quite finish, George said he has to take walty back to pig cooking school :)

I dident eat much at all, maybe 4 or 5 bites thru the night, but I did throw back a beer and quite a few buttery nipples! LOL, I was feeling VERY good! glad I did that cus I havent gotten toasty in a long time! This will also be that last in a long time, as surgey is VERY close! 17 more days! Well just wanted to let everyone know how it went.  Oh and we got rid of waltys kids for almost a month, so me and him are BY OURSELVES! YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!


My diet.

Okay so i started making a log, you can view it HERE , with all i ate, slept and notes of how I felt, I do not have to do an all liquid diet until the 14th, but I am trying to get my body use to it.  So far so good, just been very tired but I am sure that is a lack of Carbs and Caffeine. I have almost cut out tea completely and found these carnation smoothies very good & filling in the morning. 

I am glad I can have grits and oatmeal too, gives me something a little solid. I put I cant beleave its not butter and brown sugar splenda in them…Yum! Lots of people hate grits…but ever since a few years back when I worked at Huddle House in Georgia and learned to make then right, I love them.

 I may try a creamed soup today… like cream of potato or mushroom.  What sucks is that fact I really don’t like sherbet and Popsicle’s, cause I am allowed all those I want. Oh well I will be eating allot of grits lol… well at least I am able to do this, and my body isn’t like completely shutting down.

Started drinking coffee again (with splenda) so maybe that will help with caffeine.  I use to drink it all the time, but with shitloads of sugar, I HATE splenda in tea but in coffee it is okay, at lease wakes me up a little.



Okay so this is like the best smoothie I think I have ever had & simple as hell & used the protein shake i HAVE TO have!

  • 1 Packet Carnation Intant Breakfast (found neat oatmeal in the store)
  • 3/4 Cup Milk
  • 3/4-1 cup frozen Strwberries
  • Blend for about 45 sec untill its smooth

***I bought a single serve blender at walmart for like $15.00 – It works GREAT and I love that the “blender” is a cup!

YUMMY! – sorry had to share!

Shands Apointment!

Okay, me and mom went to Shands today, had to be there by 9AM. We were about 30 min early wich is good because we went to the wrong building which turned out to be the right building… long story but while sitting in the general surgery office where I checked in & has been before, they took forEVER to call us. It was almost 10 and finally I hear my name and Ms Redick says I should have been in the other building for a short seminar …”that WAS where I was and they sent me HERE!” I told her. She said it’s fine… and told me to come back, there I got weighed (holding breath) okay not to bad. I haven’t changed anything really, just started cutting down on tea and this week is “that time of month” so as the scale read off 425 I was relieved, I picked up 1/2 pound, that’s cool cus I know I have been retaining water, and drinking like 2 gallons of it a day! She told me that my liquid diet should help me to loose the 20 lbs they WANT me to loose before surgery.

Anyways, she said “okay your done, see you on the 15th” I was like WTF….I came ALL THE WAY here to get weighed? She said Yup and walked away…OMG well at least mom We came home and I read my packet of papers. I was relieved to see Oatmeal and Grits as “allowed” food on the liquid diet. I don’t know how, as there not really liqiuds but I am NOT complaining, I like em both!

Enough today, very tired and need a good long nap!

$400.00 Tags and $3.99 Smoothies anyone?

Okay, today was a long day!

I woke up and went over to moms, we were going to get the new car I got straight. I paid $500 for the car but we found out soon after getting to the title and tag place it was gonna cost $400.50 to title and tagit. Florida has some stupid fee of $200 if  you have never tagged a vehicle in Florida, that is CRAZY!! But we got everything taken care of and I get back to the car to check it out cus I had not even seen it close up at this point!

Well Very nice interior, red velvety seats and clean. There was only ONE problem, wich is a very BIG problem…I barely fit behind the wheel!  Now I have another thing to look forward to getting the gastric bypass for!! I can put the back of the seat down really far & Sit like im chillin…lmfao. It’s a good thing I am Tall!

Got a bulb for the truck tail light and I took mom to the grocery store where I found the glucerna really cheap like 3.99 for a 4 pack of cans! Yesterday I paid 5.99 for a 4-pack. I tasted it last night & its the first one I think I can stomach (a supplement meal replacement). It was the Handmade Vanilla flavor, I didn’t see the butter Pecan Flavor I saw on their website ;( Last night I used the glucerna and some frozen fruit and made a slushy, it wasn’t bad but the needed a little sugar or sugar substitute, maybe a scoop of ice cream (i have read allot of people do that). Only other problem with it was I think the Blackberries left rather large seeds, and I don’t think after surgery my stomach would be able to handle that!

Well its like 3am, so I better get some sleep. Walters kids are at their g-mas and we need to go get his learner’s permit tomorrow. Yippee fun fun!

My 510’s came!!!!

Okay, so it started out to be an AWSOME day, roads are still flooded so I sent Walter out to get the mail this morning, No Birthday cards filled with money, actually I didn’t get ANY birthday cards :( BUT….I got my Joye 510 e-cig  from Nicotine Nirvana today and OMG this thingis GREAT! It really really gives you a huge throat hit and feels just like your smoking, well plus I got all my weird flavors from MsT’s bakeryand they were awesome (vaping on some Snicker-doodle Cookies right now!) Plus shes very Cheap – $5.00 a bottle, which lasts about  the same as a carton of cigs!

Excited about tomorrow & finishing up all my tests for the Gastric and getting it out of the way!

 I woke up at 6:50AM this morning to My brother, he was calling from Afghanistan, he said he was pissed cus he was in tents with no heat or electric, I found a picture of how he described it, he said it was green rolling hills and mountains in the background. He is not in this picture, I just found this of Internet of Afghanistan.  

He said besides the living in the tents, no elec and no heat it is gorgeous there. Hes in a pretty safe place, pretty desolate.

He didn’t remember it was my birthday, but that’s Okay, at least I heard from him and I reminded him. Jade brought me over a birthday cake, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her i don’t like peach jam, she had texted me last night and asked if we liked “peaches’ and of course I LOVE the fruit itself, but had no clue she was gonna put it in the cake lol, I scraped it off and just ate the rest, and it was pretty good! Yummy.

Well That’s enought for now, ttyl

Day 1 – (aprox 6 weeks Pre-Op)

March 18th – Midnight,
YUCK, how do babies eat baby food! I sat down with my kids today and tried various baby foods, so I know what I like and don’t, i Seriously almost threw up!! I tried things like Chick & stars, spaghetti, butternut squash, mac & cheese, turkey & gravy, peas…OMG they are nasty, I did however like the square see-thr container baby foods, but only the fruits. Even an hour after trying the baby food my stomach is feeling NOT-so-good! My surgery will probably be April 20 or 27th – if everything goes according to plan, My psych eval is in the morning & Upper GI is Wen, that’s the last test i need, then they can submit my paperwork to medicaid and we can prey from there.

My boss has had surgery and shes been a help, and my kids and mom are very supportive as well, hell the kids were egging me on about trying the baby food with me tonight! The 2 week Before surgery Liquid diet worries me a bit, and the quitting smoking, but I HAVE to do these things or I will NOT get the gastric.

I can not Gain any weight before surgery, and I am currently at 424.5 according to their scales at Shands.

Okay I am smoking my last cigarette, and I really do need to quit.. The blu electronic cig will help and I found out today from the Dr’s at Shands that They are fine and not really looking for Nicotine. I also ordered a Joye 510 and 13 new e-liquid flavors.

Things I Have to do soon!:
Less sugar in tea
QUIT smoking
Eat less, more
find protein shake I like


(will post later)