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$400.00 Tags and $3.99 Smoothies anyone?

Okay, today was a long day!

I woke up and went over to moms, we were going to get the new car I got straight. I paid $500 for the car but we found out soon after getting to the title and tag place it was gonna cost $400.50 to title and tagit. Florida has some stupid fee of $200 if  you have never tagged a vehicle in Florida, that is CRAZY!! But we got everything taken care of and I get back to the car to check it out cus I had not even seen it close up at this point!

Well Very nice interior, red velvety seats and clean. There was only ONE problem, wich is a very BIG problem…I barely fit behind the wheel!  Now I have another thing to look forward to getting the gastric bypass for!! I can put the back of the seat down really far & Sit like im chillin…lmfao. It’s a good thing I am Tall!

Got a bulb for the truck tail light and I took mom to the grocery store where I found the glucerna really cheap like 3.99 for a 4 pack of cans! Yesterday I paid 5.99 for a 4-pack. I tasted it last night & its the first one I think I can stomach (a supplement meal replacement). It was the Handmade Vanilla flavor, I didn’t see the butter Pecan Flavor I saw on their website ;( Last night I used the glucerna and some frozen fruit and made a slushy, it wasn’t bad but the needed a little sugar or sugar substitute, maybe a scoop of ice cream (i have read allot of people do that). Only other problem with it was I think the Blackberries left rather large seeds, and I don’t think after surgery my stomach would be able to handle that!

Well its like 3am, so I better get some sleep. Walters kids are at their g-mas and we need to go get his learner’s permit tomorrow. Yippee fun fun!

Day 2 (aprox 6 weeks pre-op)

 March 19th
Proud of myself, a full 24 hours and not a single cigg which is good considering I have been smoking for over 17 years, and don’t think in the past 7 years have gone anywhere near that long without a single puff. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought, I had my patch on, and my Blu.. which i used sparingly, I think the main time I wanted a cigg was after I ate, but that is so out of habit!

No baby food trials tonight, hell no …even though I found about 15 more damn jars, but I am not going anywhere near them until i HAVE to. I don’t know If my tummy ever recovered after last nights baby food taste testing.

Cheyenne turned 13 today, a teen..whoo hooo…so excited…. NOT! She will always be my baby. I think she enjoyed all the presents she got. The other kids all went to the carnival at the school.

My mom gave me a $60 gift certificate to Kay’s Jewelry to find a new pendant for my necklace, I think I was to get a Piggy or something, kinda as a reminder. I looked at their site and all I found was a fat penguin!  Hehe, but gotta admit he is kinda cute, but I will go to the store & look more.

I did what I thought was my psych evaluation this morning, but i ended up only doing an Intake and almost went off on them when they told me I had to wait aprox 4 weeks for my next apt, to get the evaluation done. I cried, as always and demanded that they see me before next week as it took me almost 2 months to get that far and i was NOT gonna risk loosing my surgery dates over this. The lady excused herself and came back moments later, the managed to “fit me in” next wen. the 24th at 12:45, which is the same day as my Upper GI – but that’s at 9:30 AM. I really don’t understand why I even have to go back, I was there for about 3 plus hours today telling my life history, i honestly think the intake workers do all the work & tell the actual shrink what to say.

Well, its almost 1 am, going to get some sleep because I feel like I have been on the run all week and my body is starting to really ache.