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Stupid and UGGGGGg

Bad day yesterday, I called Shand’s to see if they had received my paperwork from the Upper GI and Psych Eval and Amelia told me they hadn’t gotten anything. She also informed me that The surgeon that was suppose to do my surgery has taken a extended “leave” from the hospital and Dr Ben-David will be taking on his surgeries (one of wich is me) so this will postpone my surgery until May, I don’t even wanna guess when in May, but she said they started booking surgery dates in May and The Dr may also open another day of the week for surgeries, right now he only does them one day a week – Tuesday’s.  UGGGGGGG

I am not gonna guess to my surgery date anymore, and will tell everyone when it’s SCHEDUALED and written in black & white on the hospitals calender.

They still cant figure out whats wrong with gary, :(  The kids are making him get-well cards and of course making a mess… but having a good time with all the craft crap.

Oh and just to CLARIFY the whole “i didn’t get anything, not even a card for my birthday” thing, My mom got me a belated card & its even GREEN! hehe

<—————-SEE, PRETTY!

Thank you mommy! And I still haven’t gone to get my b-day present from Kay Jeweler’s! 

Other then that everything the same, the road is still flooded and I’m working hard as usual!



1 week Smoke Free!




IT Feels Great to be able to say I have gone a week with not ONE ciggerette!


Lots ‘o Appointments and Sick

Yesterday  was a LONG day! I am writing this in the morning cus I was to sick to write last night.

 I woke up and had to take off the Seven Rivers for My upper GI, and all I wanted was a glass of tea!! I have the fasting tests! I was seen right away but not before the little skinny nurse saw me and said she had to find out if the table would hold me. I think she could of kept that comment to herself and just said We will be right with you…. uggg…  they made me drink what seemed like a 1/2 gallon of the Barium Swallow because they said my stomach released it too quick, so I dont think drinking double that crap helped as far as making me sick to my stomach!

After the hospital, I had to go get moms car and go to my Psych visit and that appointment dident go well either, The “dr” dident approve of the surgery in general and said he did not want to sign off on it. I told him that I wasent there for his fucking opinion, I was there for him to say wether I was “mentally ready” for a major surgery… wich I am! The supervisor woman stepped in and they talked a while, as I paced a hole in the floor of the waiting room ( I dont fit in their chairs!) Anyway a few questions from supervisor and his whole attitude changed, and the refferal WAS written!!

My Stomach was KILLING me by that point, I’m assuming from the Barium Swallow, I went home and crashed out for like 2 hours.  Mom had called me while I was in the dr office and said Gary was being admitted into the hospital for that skin-eating stuff on his foot, seems like today was not a good day for anyone.

I drove over to moms about 7pm & talked to her till about 11. I came home and I crashed out again because my stomach was still hurting really bad.

My 510’s came!!!!

Okay, so it started out to be an AWSOME day, roads are still flooded so I sent Walter out to get the mail this morning, No Birthday cards filled with money, actually I didn’t get ANY birthday cards :( BUT….I got my Joye 510 e-cig  from Nicotine Nirvana today and OMG this thingis GREAT! It really really gives you a huge throat hit and feels just like your smoking, well plus I got all my weird flavors from MsT’s bakeryand they were awesome (vaping on some Snicker-doodle Cookies right now!) Plus shes very Cheap – $5.00 a bottle, which lasts about  the same as a carton of cigs!

Excited about tomorrow & finishing up all my tests for the Gastric and getting it out of the way!

 I woke up at 6:50AM this morning to My brother, he was calling from Afghanistan, he said he was pissed cus he was in tents with no heat or electric, I found a picture of how he described it, he said it was green rolling hills and mountains in the background. He is not in this picture, I just found this of Internet of Afghanistan.  

He said besides the living in the tents, no elec and no heat it is gorgeous there. Hes in a pretty safe place, pretty desolate.

He didn’t remember it was my birthday, but that’s Okay, at least I heard from him and I reminded him. Jade brought me over a birthday cake, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her i don’t like peach jam, she had texted me last night and asked if we liked “peaches’ and of course I LOVE the fruit itself, but had no clue she was gonna put it in the cake lol, I scraped it off and just ate the rest, and it was pretty good! Yummy.

Well That’s enought for now, ttyl

Sooo Cute!

Nothing much going on today, kind of a dead day. Walters was raking leaves at my moms and I was cleaning, working and trying to catch up on laundry, it’s gonna take a day or two with 6 kids, especially after the whole “cleaning of the rooms” escapade.

There are more pics on Elijah (My brothers new baby boy) on facebook, he looks just like Larry! Nancy has lots of pictures of him and you should just see all the faces her makes!  …hehe, he got my nose!! lol

Work was steady and a little slow during the day, so plenty of time to think about different stuff today, I think my biggest concern right nor is the 2 week liquid diet before my surgery and getting medicade to approve it even though they told me that should not be an issue, I guess I will wait and see. The rest of my tests are thursday, then we can submit everything to get approved!

Well Hopefully I will have more to write tomarrow, Im still smoke free and I will be 33 in a few hours!!  Happy birthday to me!!

More Rain & Cheyennes Birthday Party

Okay, It was a very long day that started with RAIN, like we needed anymore of that (refer to image of “lake” road about 5 posts ago).  About Noon I sent Walter out for some more chips, rolls and crap to make the party punch and of course Cheyenne’s Cheesecakes.  Everyone was calling asking me if the road was passable and we opted to meet most on the other side and bring them across since I have a truck and we know the road (or where the road WAS). Walter Picked up a few kids and then come home to ferry the rest across and everything was great. Cheyennes friends showed up and they all had a pretty good time.

Toward the end we had Gabby go home crying cus of Sierra and The boy that was here, CJ (Jennifers BF)  ended up getting “beat up” by 3 of the older kids here, I really think they were just playing but apparently one of them hit his head and hit a bit hard cus CJ ended up having to go to the hospital, he has a lot of medical issues anyways, so the hit to the head didn’t make it any better.  Needless to say, I had the sheriff come out and had to give my version of what had happened, I really dont think they MENT to hurt him, you know how it is when a bunch of pre-teen girls get around ONE boy…. Love taps…

No Smoking again and with all the stress today it was the perfect do or die test, I even stood outside with 2 friends while they smoked, didn’t even bother me!  My damn Blu battery keeps dying on me today though. That kind of sucks!

House isn’t to much of a mess, so I think I will call it a night and pass out a little early tonight. 

Getting nervous about surgery now, hoping medicade and everything this comming week goes well. My Birthday is in like a day and a half and that will be my 4/5 week Pre-Op point!!

Some quick pics from the b-day party!

Day 3 (aprox 6 weeks post-op)

Day 3

Okay there is not to much going on today, I just got finished decorating for Cheyenne’s b-day pary, the pictures are not really that clear, damn verizon has been resizing pics before they send em.  Anna and the girls stopped by and had some subs, I wish she would stay to talk longer, I miss talking to friends and It seems like she is always busy and has to rush off.

Anyways, I am doing okay on smoking still cant wait to get the 510 elec cig I ordered. Seems like it’s really not gonna be as difficult as I thought!

Well I know this entry is not very long, but I am tired and I will have a house full of semi-teens tomarrow!


Day 2 (aprox 6 weeks pre-op)

 March 19th
Proud of myself, a full 24 hours and not a single cigg which is good considering I have been smoking for over 17 years, and don’t think in the past 7 years have gone anywhere near that long without a single puff. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought, I had my patch on, and my Blu.. which i used sparingly, I think the main time I wanted a cigg was after I ate, but that is so out of habit!

No baby food trials tonight, hell no …even though I found about 15 more damn jars, but I am not going anywhere near them until i HAVE to. I don’t know If my tummy ever recovered after last nights baby food taste testing.

Cheyenne turned 13 today, a teen..whoo hooo…so excited…. NOT! She will always be my baby. I think she enjoyed all the presents she got. The other kids all went to the carnival at the school.

My mom gave me a $60 gift certificate to Kay’s Jewelry to find a new pendant for my necklace, I think I was to get a Piggy or something, kinda as a reminder. I looked at their site and all I found was a fat penguin!  Hehe, but gotta admit he is kinda cute, but I will go to the store & look more.

I did what I thought was my psych evaluation this morning, but i ended up only doing an Intake and almost went off on them when they told me I had to wait aprox 4 weeks for my next apt, to get the evaluation done. I cried, as always and demanded that they see me before next week as it took me almost 2 months to get that far and i was NOT gonna risk loosing my surgery dates over this. The lady excused herself and came back moments later, the managed to “fit me in” next wen. the 24th at 12:45, which is the same day as my Upper GI – but that’s at 9:30 AM. I really don’t understand why I even have to go back, I was there for about 3 plus hours today telling my life history, i honestly think the intake workers do all the work & tell the actual shrink what to say.

Well, its almost 1 am, going to get some sleep because I feel like I have been on the run all week and my body is starting to really ache.


Day 1 – (aprox 6 weeks Pre-Op)

March 18th – Midnight,
YUCK, how do babies eat baby food! I sat down with my kids today and tried various baby foods, so I know what I like and don’t, i Seriously almost threw up!! I tried things like Chick & stars, spaghetti, butternut squash, mac & cheese, turkey & gravy, peas…OMG they are nasty, I did however like the square see-thr container baby foods, but only the fruits. Even an hour after trying the baby food my stomach is feeling NOT-so-good! My surgery will probably be April 20 or 27th – if everything goes according to plan, My psych eval is in the morning & Upper GI is Wen, that’s the last test i need, then they can submit my paperwork to medicaid and we can prey from there.

My boss has had surgery and shes been a help, and my kids and mom are very supportive as well, hell the kids were egging me on about trying the baby food with me tonight! The 2 week Before surgery Liquid diet worries me a bit, and the quitting smoking, but I HAVE to do these things or I will NOT get the gastric.

I can not Gain any weight before surgery, and I am currently at 424.5 according to their scales at Shands.

Okay I am smoking my last cigarette, and I really do need to quit.. The blu electronic cig will help and I found out today from the Dr’s at Shands that They are fine and not really looking for Nicotine. I also ordered a Joye 510 and 13 new e-liquid flavors.

Things I Have to do soon!:
Less sugar in tea
QUIT smoking
Eat less, more
find protein shake I like


(will post later)

Hello world!

Road is flodded, so I will start my Blog in a day or two! Notice the mailbox and yep, thats my truck!