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Three weeks – No Smoke!








$400.00 Tags and $3.99 Smoothies anyone?

Okay, today was a long day!

I woke up and went over to moms, we were going to get the new car I got straight. I paid $500 for the car but we found out soon after getting to the title and tag place it was gonna cost $400.50 to title and tagit. Florida has some stupid fee of $200 if  you have never tagged a vehicle in Florida, that is CRAZY!! But we got everything taken care of and I get back to the car to check it out cus I had not even seen it close up at this point!

Well Very nice interior, red velvety seats and clean. There was only ONE problem, wich is a very BIG problem…I barely fit behind the wheel!  Now I have another thing to look forward to getting the gastric bypass for!! I can put the back of the seat down really far & Sit like im chillin…lmfao. It’s a good thing I am Tall!

Got a bulb for the truck tail light and I took mom to the grocery store where I found the glucerna really cheap like 3.99 for a 4 pack of cans! Yesterday I paid 5.99 for a 4-pack. I tasted it last night & its the first one I think I can stomach (a supplement meal replacement). It was the Handmade Vanilla flavor, I didn’t see the butter Pecan Flavor I saw on their website ;( Last night I used the glucerna and some frozen fruit and made a slushy, it wasn’t bad but the needed a little sugar or sugar substitute, maybe a scoop of ice cream (i have read allot of people do that). Only other problem with it was I think the Blackberries left rather large seeds, and I don’t think after surgery my stomach would be able to handle that!

Well its like 3am, so I better get some sleep. Walters kids are at their g-mas and we need to go get his learner’s permit tomorrow. Yippee fun fun!


Okay, so no real eater baskets or Easter egg hunts, Walters mom made all 6 kids Easter baskets so we just blindfolded all the kids and threw 100plus eggs on the floor and let them find them while blindfolded, it was quite entertaining for us adults!  They kept letting go of their baskets and could not find them lol!!

It’s amazing, a little bit of change and one dollar bills in some of the eggs got them Sooo eggsited! (hehe) I also had little pet shops and matchbox cars in some.

Still waiting on my passthru for my 510 ;( was not in the mail today:(

Oh, and my 510’s battery died today, so I grabbed a pack of smokes thinking I would just smoke one or two till i was able to get home to charge mine, and I lit it took 1 ta 2 drags and thru it out the window…OMG it was fucking NASTY, felt like I inhaled and ashtray and made me sick to my tummy…

I am glad I did it though, cus now I will NEVER EVER go back to ciggs & no more craving for a real cig!

I’d Curl under a rock but I would prolly get bite by a snake!

Where to start, omg it has been the absolute WORST day I have had since I have been in Florida!

The day started By my oldest daughter Cheyenne’s birthday Fish “turtle” dying, we had a toilet funeral followed by little girls crying over a carnival goldfish her sister won for her on her birthday last week. This was a great start to my day! So I sent Walter to the pet store with $20 and had the kids pick out fishies, they got 7 of them, a guppy, some neons and a blue fish & pink fish (insert Dr Seuss comment here). anyway this was NOTHING…

Next in my fucked up day I was outside cleaning out the fish-tank when Julia came outside telling Cheyenne she needed her, I could tell by the look on her face something was wrong… After asking her 3 or 4 times (and prolly about 6 gallons of water later) she finally told me there was water all over the floor in the kitchen.

I ran inside to find my kitchen, laundry, kids bathroom,  hall and entrance to Sierra’s room under water, The water decided it did not want to shut off in the washing machine…There was probably an inch and a 1/2 of water on the floor!  We used EVERY towel in the house including some blankets to soak up the water, there wasn’t a towel left & now we have No washer…UGG

Okay now that was the BEST part of the day!

Walter came home from the pet store cus I told him about the water and When he saw I had cleaned it up the best I could he left again to go get the fish filter at walmart, only to call me not even 5 minute after he left! He had a damn flat tire, thank god he was only 1/2 mile or less from the house thru the woods (not the flood) and was able to drive it back here. I called my step dad to come get him to go pick the bunk beds we were suppose to go get at 6pm, and they went and got them while I wiggled my fat ass under the truck – trying to figure out HOW to release the spare tire from under the truck cus I didn’t have that long bar thing that slides into the hole beside the license plate. 30 minutes later Me and Stan figured it out (I called him) and I was able to get it down as Walter walked thru the yard.

He started to put the tire on the truck and ended up having a Hell of a time jacking the truck up, we only had 2 small jacks and a X-shaped crow bar,  that was to big to spin, he ended up having to dig a hole in the ground to jack it up with a jack -only to be able to use the OTHER jack…LMAO. (note hole in groun in picture and him all pushing as hard as he can & TWO jacks).

We are STILL NOT to the Best Part of the day!

Okay, so we get tire fixed and we STILL need fish filter ( at this point im ready to flush em ALL). Walter goes to get it and takes Cheyenne and Amber with him. He calls me about 15/20 minutes later telling me the truck over heated in Dunnellon and wont start…FUCKING GREAT… for about 5 minutes I kept telling him this is NOT funny and he better not keep fucking with me! He WAS NOT fucking with me…anyway he called his mom and she bought a battery for us, and it DID start but it overheating, so I guess we will see what happens tomorrow. He managed to get it to Chauncy’s work- that spa place….

And to TOP off the fucking day, i had NO CLUE that tomorrow was his daughters 4th Birthday! Now I have No birthday present and No transportation! FUCKING AWSOME DAY I tell you. I’d go and Curl under a rock but I would prolly get bite by a snake!

Seems the new meds are working cus I didn’t KILL anyone or Cry! I do however have my first craving for a real cigarette!

Two weeks no smoking




IT Feels Great to be able to say I have gone this long, i LOVE Vaping!


Okay, so I’m not completly normal…who is?

Went to My psych apointment today, all went very well and I actually liked this Doctor, he was right about the things he was saying like about my mood swings and anxiety. He deff thinks the surgery will also help with all these & my depression as well.  He gave me new meds, a anti cunvulsive called Trileptal that is used as a mood stabelizer. I am also to continue the Prozac, but drop it down to 60 mg. I hope that this new combo of meds helps.


Went to Mom’s and spent a little time there, she had picked up Cheyenne from the end of my road since the damn busses will not come here anymore.

They suck! Instead of taking the bus down the road they would rather my daughter walk in water that is calf/knee deep and has an alligator in it along with lord only know how much bacteria and other crap!

Will write more later!