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Surgery Date!!!!!!!!!

So you ask…WHY is it a happy Friday? Wellllllll….i FINALLY got approved thru Medicaid and got a surgery Date…WHOOOOOOOO

Only thing is, its not till Aug 16th, but hey….It’s a date!!!

Pre-Op is schedualed for Aug 12th 

Last Apt date July 28th

This is the best day in a LONG time!! WHOOOO



I am soooo proud of us! We both have been Analog free for 2 months!
We are awsome!

We Deserve a Free E-Cig!

Pot Hole repair!

Okay the road is finally clear and no more gator (we hope). They colleted $60 from each of us to help repair the MAJOR holes in the road!  Thank god it did get patched and we are able to get out. We also finally got our mail and the buses decided to come back down, no more bus stop drives 4 times a day! (elem & middle /on & off). Walter is just glad he dont have to get up at 6am to take Cheyenne anymore!


Christopher Elijah & Larry

Heard from my brother, hes doing okay and really want to see the baby! He wants me to send him some E-cigs and juice so he can be smoke free when he finally gets leave and is able to see the baby who is getting to be HUGE, hes a big boy! Takes after us I guess ;) Hes a Pumpkin, I cant wait to see him when they fianally get over here.

Thats actually why Larry called, I have to figure out the best way to get her here. Since they are both still married it is gonna be a little harder to get the right paperwork for customs. I called Holly and she is gonna help me look into it.

Here is a recent pics of my lil nephew! Hes so adorable!

Hot, Hot and More Heat

Okay, yeah I know it’s been a while but I have NOT had a great week! First off it started with my truck gettina a flat tire, AGAIN! God I have really bad luck with tires on that thing!

Then my Air condition breaks, its Friday at 5:10pm, I was Praying that someone could come out and fix it… he came out and told me that he could NOT fix it because he had to let the compresser cool off and let it sit for a while. He came back the next day and told me that it was the TXV, Ug, he said it would cost me almost $800.00 NOT good when payroll is monday and I barley have worked myself, meanwhile its like 110 degrees in my house…NO LIE,  and I cant STAND it! He said it would be monday or tuesday before he could get the part…that means 5 days in a house thats 110 degrees! My house sits on a hill with NO shade, and with 3 sliding doors I get ALOT of heat!

Saturday – Car Overheats & Needs new Thermostat – Another Bill but thank god it got fixed right away and only $60.00 & 2 hours of me and Cheyenne standing in 100 degree florida heat!

 Monday rolls around, no AC guy

Tuesday – Rains like a Bit*h and No AC guy

Wen – Barley made it thru the night, hot as hell still no AC guy…UGGGG

Thursday – 7:30AM the AC guy FINALLY shows up!

AC is Fixed with a $660.00 Bill! WHOOO HOOO, hey at least its not $800.00.

This has been the most AWSOME week….NOT!