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Shands Apointment!

Okay, me and mom went to Shands today, had to be there by 9AM. We were about 30 min early wich is good because we went to the wrong building which turned out to be the right building… long story but while sitting in the general surgery office where I checked in & has been before, they took forEVER to call us. It was almost 10 and finally I hear my name and Ms Redick says I should have been in the other building for a short seminar …”that WAS where I was and they sent me HERE!” I told her. She said it’s fine… and told me to come back, there I got weighed (holding breath) okay not to bad. I haven’t changed anything really, just started cutting down on tea and this week is “that time of month” so as the scale read off 425 I was relieved, I picked up 1/2 pound, that’s cool cus I know I have been retaining water, and drinking like 2 gallons of it a day! She told me that my liquid diet should help me to loose the 20 lbs they WANT me to loose before surgery.

Anyways, she said “okay your done, see you on the 15th” I was like WTF….I came ALL THE WAY here to get weighed? She said Yup and walked away…OMG well at least mom We came home and I read my packet of papers. I was relieved to see Oatmeal and Grits as “allowed” food on the liquid diet. I don’t know how, as there not really liqiuds but I am NOT complaining, I like em both!

Enough today, very tired and need a good long nap!


I am SOOO excited, I got a call from Shands today and my surgery has been moved up! I am scheduled NOW for JULY 27th!! That is me and Walter’s One year anniversary! I think that’s pretty cool!

Now I am getting excited cus that’s like a bit over a month, I have an appointment next wen for my weigh in at Shands and my anesthesiology / pre-op apt is for July 15th.  I think she said that I would have to start my liquid diet on the 30th to, but I’m not sure, cus that would be a month of liquid diet!

I have been waiting for so long for this and am really excited about getting healthy and loosing the weight! Everyone has been a great support, Walt, mom, mini and even Michelle who has had a bad experience with the procedure, shes been telling me lots of diff things to be ready for!

OTHER Updates:

  • Puppies are getting HUGE
  • Kids are in MD safe and sound
  • Cheyenne passed 6th grade by the skin of her teeth
  • I have been drinking more water and less tea!
  • I am into my 4th month of being SMOKE FREE!

South of the Border Trip June 14th-15th

It’s been a very long two days!

We took the kids to SOUTH OF THE BORDER between NC & SC to meet Stan’s parents, so they could take the girls up to Maryland for the summer to see their dad’s family.  My mom was suppose to take me because I didn’t really trust the car or truck but she decided not to go at the last minute, she wanted to spend time with Gary who just got back from taking his mothers ash’s to Massachusetts where she waned to be burried.

Walter came with me instead but mom letme use her car. The tip up there was fine, was really hot but with me driving it went pretty fast.  left at 11am and were there by 9pm.  We had lots of snacks & drinks packed so we dident have to stop much. We got there & they had Bug, he got a lil bigger! hehe, they always seem to when they are gone for a while. He seems happy to see everyone, especially his sissies!

He was singing baby by Justin Beaber, it was tooo cute! Ther is a video on my facebook…

Anyway all went well and took a  bunch of pictures the next morning then we were on our way home! NOT a good trip, Moms Engine light came on & we went to turn her AC on cus it was getting hot, it started blowing out hot air, not good when it was prolly about 95 degrees outside already! We looked for the nearest FORD dealership & took in in. They told us it was probobly the ac compresser & it should make it home fine.  It did. We managed to survive temps of ove 105 with heat idex, sweating my imaginary balls off while all I could think about was “only I would fuck up moms car!”.  We stopped andate at Cracker Barrel and I got my candles and we were home by about 9PM.  Hot, Sweating, stinky and ready for bed!

Anyway here are some pictures, Cheyenne looked pissed off cus she did NOT want to take pics for some reason!


no smoking for over 3 months!

3 months


IT Feels Great to be able to say I have gone this long, I LOVE Vaping!


Larry & Elijah!

Larry finally got to see his son! He arrived in Korea to see Nancy and his son! He knew he BETTER post some pics…and he did! Lol, Elijah dosent look so cubby next to larry! HAHA

They are so sweet!


Yeah, Kayla finally had her puppies, the first one she had was while walking up the stairs, I dont think she realized waht was going on.  She got on the bed and had…
So we thought okay maybe she is done, not wuite, an hour later we had…
Now is she done? Well for about 2 hours, then…
Geesh wow that is ALOT, so we took her and the pups off my bed thinking she was finally done, and put her and the pups in my garden tub. She was content and was feeding, so I can in here to the pc and checked on her 2 hours later…I counted puppies,,,, 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10-11! OMG, 2 more, is this EVER gonna stop??

FINALLY done….11 pups and about 6 hours later!