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1st Day home – God im a sissy today!

So I came home from the hospital today and I am in ALOT of pain, my tummy has this shooting pain in it that will not go away…I think they should have kept me in the hospital a bit longer, this is awful. They gave me liquid morphine which Medicaid only paid like 3/4ths of, but at this point I don’t care. House is a mess…figures…I have been sitting in the living room recliner afraid to move, haven’t even tempted to try to sleep in bed. I just been taking my med’s and drinking the optisource that they let me bring home. I am hoping I can order some of this cus it’s not half bad. (Carmel Flavor) the Bruises on my tummy showed up twice as big today, but they don’t hurt at all. The glue stuff they used over the incisions is kinda itchy. 

It’s hard cus I am here all alone, Walty had to work and he should be some about 10pm. I have been crying and moaning like a baby, I hate being alone like this. I tried calling a few people but I am talking slow and funny…   Drinking has not been an issue yet. I just take my time, the colder the the drink is the better it tastes and it’s weird cus I can feel it go down into my tummy. I haven’t even wanted food! Ugg, I was suppose to start back on liquids but I haven’t the energy to go into the kitchen to try to make anything, let alone, make enough to only eat 2-3 tablespoons. I need to buy more Grits, I kinda ONLY ate then for the last 4 weeks and have ran down to one pack left, but at a few tablespoons, that should last a day or two.   

Well I am going to drug myslef and lay down, will write more in a day or two.   


I did it!

I am in recovery hurting really bad, but I did it! I Now have completed the Gastric bypass! I will update when I am feeling better…I have 5 incisions on tummy and It really hurts! The dr’s  are doing everything they can. My mom & Renee are here, although Walty is leaving to come up here when he gets off work about 11.

My  surgery was schedualed for Noon, although I dident get to the Operating table untill after 2:30… Surgery was 3 hours and I woke up about 7:30pm..

This is me now! LOL

<~~ This is whats hanging out of my mouth lol, they are called DenTips, and basically i dipped it in water & sucked on it, that was all the “drink” I was allowed for two days!

Pills! Replaced with More!

One good thing about having the Gastric Bypass is that the amount of medication that I take now will be greatly reduced , if not all of it gone.

The only issue is, it will be replaced my protein shakes, multi vitamins, Citrate (calcium pills) and other vitamins and crap that I will need the rest of my life!

Well, One more day till I leave for surgery, so hopefully my next entry will be from Shands! Wish me luck!





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5 Days Before Surgery!

Okay so I had to just break down and do my before pictures and as much as i DO NOT want to post them, I am going too… as in 5 days I will be starting a whole new chapter in my life! Now I did write 424 on the picture and I am actually 415 but it’s not like that makes a huge difference! I cant wait to start seeing the difference!

I did buy some GNC Whey and citracil from Sweet Bay tonight. I also got some Muscle Milk and Atkins shakes, they are High Protien and Low sugar.

I have been craving food a little more, but i guess after 22 days on a liquid diet, thats bound to happen! I had a few bites of pizza today but did not swallow, and it did take the cravings away! I have been doing better with the protein shakes, been venturing into trying different thing, I added a scoop of icecream to a glucerna shake today with some mixed berry frozen fruit. 









WOW, thats a Wakeup call, im as big round as i am tall!

Puppies and Duckies!

Okay so we got rid of the puppies today, it only took a few cute pictures and an ad on Creig’s List & I started getting a crapload of calls! We have 3 left here, but one will be gone tomarrow morning and the other 2 we may be keeping, i KNOW 1 we are, Zues – I call him Zoo-Sasha just to fuck with Walty! LOL

Kayla has been such a good mommy! She is already dried up and we really need to get her fixed! Also we ended up picking up some extra animals while getting rid of the puppies, 4 lil Aflack’s lol…Duckies!

Walter is gonna convert the puppy kennel thing we made for them into a duck pen, and is gonna install a little pond thingy for them so swim in. Right now they are in my garden bathtub.

My tub has been Really hand for LOTS of things, puppies, thawing a pig, ducks and now i really wanna bath but the faucet is broken :( After surgery I wanna get a nice one!

Well I have 10 more days! I am getting really nervous but getting shit together before I have to go to the hospital. Mom and Rene are taking me to Gainsville on Monday so I am right there and dont have the long drive the morning of surgery, I will know the night before what time it will be

Now My blogs are on my Twitter!

hehe, I am smarter then the avearge blue Bird…haha, Now when I blog, my blog entry tites will go straight to my Twitter account! So those of you who use Twitter and wanna know whats going on or when I post a new blog, Follow me! HAHA!

Off to the last apt before surgery! (lost 10 lbs)

So… I left for Shands with my mom at about 6:45am, after a very wrestless night. I was really worried about what was gonna happen and whether my partial liquid diet had helped me loose any weight.

I get to Shands right on time. And there are a few other larger people in the lobby. Right away after only about 10 minutes I get called back and stand looking at the scale in front of me and its like the scariest feeling I have felt in a long time, my heart and tummy has switched places and all i could think of was “did I poop this morning” ..I know bad right… Well i step on, and the numbers go up VERY fast. OMG are they gonna stop??? Yes, 415 YES!!! I lost 10 lbs thank god! Amelia also gave me some soap to wash with the day before & day of the surgery.

The surgery WILL be on the 27th, the paper that I had gotten for the 28th was the thingy they do the day after the sug=rgery to make sure there are no leaks. I have to call this phone number the night before the surgery to find out what time I have to go in, so we are staying the night in Gainsville at a hotel as I am so nervous about something happening to me before surgery!

Next I went to a seminar room with 4 or 5 other people, all smaller then me, one was a guy who didn’t even look like he needed the surgery to me. We sat thru a nutritionist who just kept saying the same things, NUTRITUION, get your PROTEIN and Take your pills… Okay, thats over with… on to next stop…

Anaesthesiologist (or however you spell that) Lots of questions here, but it was easy, Im not allergic to anything and I am pretty healty besides being fat! On to the next person who just checked a bunch of boxes on my paperwork and sent me downstairs. X-rays of my chest, at least I did not have to drink the Barium swallow this time. I prolly would have not been able to keep it down after not eating anything. One more person. BLOOD work, Lots of tubes of blood and a cup to piss in. Fuck why dident that tell me I was gonna have to pee in a damn cup! I just used the potty before coming to this office…UGGGG…I know I sat there for 10 minutes on the toilet. I even managed to drop the cup in the toilet..Not good. Okay managed to squeeze a few drops. ALL DONE!

I wanted food! Well Grits (wich have become my bestest friend) But mom wanted to go to Shoneys, and I ended up with potato soup, not to bad, just ALOT of chunks of crap with I wasn’t allowed to eat. Okay I wont lie – it was horrible, but i did manage to get full and I had a few bites of cheese grits. I don’t really care for them, but its better then nothing!

Home finally at about 2pm, A lot better then I thought! Nap time…and grits time! lol

Just some Pictures of the new pups!

Pics of Pups, they are getting really big, had to move them outside, walt made an 8 foot by 8 foot enclosure thing for them, although some play hudini sometimes! They are eating hard food and will be ready to go on the 14th! Hope we can find good homes for all of them but ZueSasha! (hehe)

Me and Walty dyed our hair lol, his dident turn out as perty as mine! He did however pick the color! Go Walty!

Piggy Roast!

The pig roast wasent the only thing toasty last night, but damn it I deserve it! lol… We had about 15ish people, a few teenagers and lots of kids, i did manage to snap a pic of some of the little ones in the pool.  I baked mac & cheese, baked beans with brown sugar and develed eggs and mom2 brought over some cupcakes and chili. Everything was yummy but piggy wasent quite finish, George said he has to take walty back to pig cooking school :)

I dident eat much at all, maybe 4 or 5 bites thru the night, but I did throw back a beer and quite a few buttery nipples! LOL, I was feeling VERY good! glad I did that cus I havent gotten toasty in a long time! This will also be that last in a long time, as surgey is VERY close! 17 more days! Well just wanted to let everyone know how it went.  Oh and we got rid of waltys kids for almost a month, so me and him are BY OURSELVES! YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!


Fucking Pissed!

Okay so I am REALLY pissed off, I really need to weigh myself and I cant find ANYONE or any PLACE with a scale that weighs above 350… Curves, Hospital, Doctors, CVS, Walmart or even Sam’s Club. I am a little pissed cus the Hospital woman was rude saying maybe they can put you on the loading docks out back… this is the first time I have cried over my weight in a very long time!

 It’s usually me that makes the jokes, but this time it really hurt especially since she had a tone to her voice like she was making fun of the whole thing. I guess i will find out next Thursday at my Shands appointment if I lost anything. 

Talk to you latter when I am not very upset!

My diet.

Okay so i started making a log, you can view it HERE , with all i ate, slept and notes of how I felt, I do not have to do an all liquid diet until the 14th, but I am trying to get my body use to it.  So far so good, just been very tired but I am sure that is a lack of Carbs and Caffeine. I have almost cut out tea completely and found these carnation smoothies very good & filling in the morning. 

I am glad I can have grits and oatmeal too, gives me something a little solid. I put I cant beleave its not butter and brown sugar splenda in them…Yum! Lots of people hate grits…but ever since a few years back when I worked at Huddle House in Georgia and learned to make then right, I love them.

 I may try a creamed soup today… like cream of potato or mushroom.  What sucks is that fact I really don’t like sherbet and Popsicle’s, cause I am allowed all those I want. Oh well I will be eating allot of grits lol… well at least I am able to do this, and my body isn’t like completely shutting down.

Started drinking coffee again (with splenda) so maybe that will help with caffeine.  I use to drink it all the time, but with shitloads of sugar, I HATE splenda in tea but in coffee it is okay, at lease wakes me up a little.



Okay so this is like the best smoothie I think I have ever had & simple as hell & used the protein shake i HAVE TO have!

  • 1 Packet Carnation Intant Breakfast (found neat oatmeal in the store)
  • 3/4 Cup Milk
  • 3/4-1 cup frozen Strwberries
  • Blend for about 45 sec untill its smooth

***I bought a single serve blender at walmart for like $15.00 – It works GREAT and I love that the “blender” is a cup!

YUMMY! – sorry had to share!

Medicated Me!

I went to the Dr’s on Thursday and they changed some med’s around and gave me fluid pills because my legs are swollen. See I told you all I knew I was bloated when I got weighed! HEHE, I didn’t even ask him, he did the check up and was touching my ankles and knees.  He told me to take my meds in morning and the rest at night, witch would be:


  • 2 Prozac 20 mg pills (40mg – we all know what that’s for)
  • 1 Trileptal  600 mg pill (mood stabilizers)
  • 2 Robaxin 750 mg – (1500mg – was only taking 1- these are pain blockers)
  • 1 Flexeril 10 mg ( for my muscle spasms)


  • 1 Prozac 20mg pills
  • 1 Trileptal  600 mg pill
  • 1 Robaxin 750 mg
  • 1 Flexeril 10 mg
  • 1 Lasix 20 MG (water pills)
  • 1 Chewable  B-12

And my usual 800mg Ibuprofen as needed. Now I hate taking meds, and have never taken what I am suppose to but now I HAVE to because they can tell when they do the blood-work and gas tests. YUCK – I HATE this, when i wake up and take the morning 6 pills I feel like I have been drinking and to that point where you feel dizzy. But I guess that will go away with time when my body gets use to the meds.  I know about 2 hours after I take em all I want to do is sleep, but that could be the lack of caffeine too, since I went from almost a gallon of sweet tea a day to all water!

Will let ya know how the meds are doing in a few days!