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Goals are being met!

Before getting the gastric bypass I had a few goals i wanted to reach, i dident write em all down but here is a few that I can remember.

  • Be able to weigh myself on a “normal” scale
  • Fit comfy and not smashed behind the wheel of my car
  • Fit on rides at an amusement park again
  • Be able to buy a plane ticket without worrying about paying for 2 seats!
  • Buying cloths at a normal store (feb)
  • Fit into real jeans (feb)
  • Not get out of breath walking 30 feet (i can walk a mile!)
  • Be able to Mow the grass on my riding mower (April)
  • be comfy in a normal desk chair
  • Be able to go into a crowded place without all the anxiety
  • Wear a size 26 jeans (almost- they fit tight)
  • Wear UNDER a size 30/34 shirt (dec)
  • Loose 100lbs
  • Ride a bike

Now of course some of these are out of order & others I will not find out untill I actually am able to do them, but I have accomplished  alot of them!

New Goals with dates!

By May 15th

  • Under 290lbs (total of 150 lost/30 more )
  • Walk 3 miles
  • Ride a bike a mile


My 1 year anniversery July 28th

  • Under 240 lbs (loss of 200lbs) This one is gonna be hard!
  • Do a 5 mile walk