Walking Again!

Started Walking again Today! Cheyenne, Sierra, Tyler and Me all walked around the Yard 3 times (almost 4 acres). Now by MY calculations its a bit over a mile 3 times around, but my petometer says it was .98 – close enough for me! Anyway I dunno if i want the kids walking with me anymore as Cheyenne kept laughing & carrying on, Sierra was tooting the whole time, puppy kept trying to trip me… actually Tyler was the best one!

I think I will take One kids each time I go around next time, maybe that will go over better & give them each a while to talk to me by themselves. I only found one golf ball today & no turtles!

Anyway Here are the stats for today:

  • 24 Minutes
  • .98 Miles 
  • 2150 Steps – (dunno if the pedometer is correct)
  • (Edit – Pedometer is NOT correct for steps)

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