Goals are being met!

Before getting the gastric bypass I had a few goals i wanted to reach, i dident write em all down but here is a few that I can remember.

  • Be able to weigh myself on a “normal” scale
  • Fit comfy and not smashed behind the wheel of my car
  • Fit on rides at an amusement park again
  • Be able to buy a plane ticket without worrying about paying for 2 seats!
  • Buying cloths at a normal store (feb)
  • Fit into real jeans (feb)
  • Not get out of breath walking 30 feet (i can walk a mile!)
  • Be able to Mow the grass on my riding mower (April)
  • be comfy in a normal desk chair
  • Be able to go into a crowded place without all the anxiety
  • Wear a size 26 jeans (almost- they fit tight)
  • Wear UNDER a size 30/34 shirt (dec)
  • Loose 100lbs
  • Ride a bike

Now of course some of these are out of order & others I will not find out untill I actually am able to do them, but I have accomplished  alot of them!

New Goals with dates!

By May 15th

  • Under 290lbs (total of 150 lost/30 more )
  • Walk 3 miles
  • Ride a bike a mile


My 1 year anniversery July 28th

  • Under 240 lbs (loss of 200lbs) This one is gonna be hard!
  • Do a 5 mile walk





  1. Melissa Says:

    Great job, keep up the good work. It is so hard to continue losing weight if your family is not striving for the same goal. Hopefully your bf will feel encouraged and join you on those long walks…

  2. Mike Says:

    TINA ALL I CAN SAY IS WOOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!! You go girl – keep it up! So impressed with all you’ve accomplished.

    You are an inspiration!

    Hey are you watching ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss? #IMOBSESSED :D

    It’s on ABC Monday’s at 10 and in each episode they showcase one persons journey with being super obese. and they do it in a respectful and loving way. Please tell me you watch it. I love it!

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