I know its been a while…again

Getting married!

I plan on posting some Blogs on Cheap wedding ideas, there was a few “wedding on a budget” pages on the net but none that gave great ideas for cheap decorations and where to get them, how to make etc.

Most People onlines idea of a “cheap wedding” was spending less then $10,000.00… I am no where near that!  I think I am gonna pull it off for about $1,600…and that includes my wedding dress, bridesmaids, tux, grooms outfits and flower girls!

Another thing I am finding is wedding cakes and cupcakes for weddings are OUTRAGEOUS!!! Most places want $300.00 or more for a simple cake to feed 50-75 or $2 + more for each cupcake! This really puts a boot up my ass for getting my website for cake making in gear!

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