June- Dec 2012 at a Glance…

So a lot happened this year – 2012

I did get married but shortly after that (less then a month) I made Walter leave. I thought that I had to settle for him mainly because of his 3 girls, but i realized that that is not the reason to marry or settle. Also he will never change – No makeup, cant leave the house, he wont get a job and is still fucking with his ex’s!

I met Dawn a month or so before I was married and after I broke it off with Walter we got close – I never cheated on Walter with her nor did I think that I would end up dating her but things happened and we had a connection. We “un-officially” started dating  because of our jobs and her living situations which meant many VERY LONG nights on skype and on the computer.

Eventually she was kicked out of Anna’s (my friends where she was living) and moved in here. She helped me thru a lot  including dealing with Anna’s Medical problems, as at the time Anna was my only friend.

We secretly dated the rest of the year & only My kids and very close co-workers knew we were dating. …

Here are some 2012 Pictures and I will get on to 2013 :)


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