Hair today…Gone tomarrow!

Okay I dreaded and preyed it would not happen to me but for the past few weeks I have been shedding hair like crazy! I am so afraid to even put a brush thru it now! I can actually FEEL it thinning out!

Mommy even said she noticed it!

I guess with the loosing weight loosing hair is very common in Bypass patients, some start a month out – some 6 months out, for me it was the 2 month… and been doing it ever since.

I am not very good at remembering to take my meds and have tried to take my Biotin regularly, to no avail… alot of people say it dosent work but some live by it…

Hair today…Gone tomarrow!

My Step Father

I know I have not written in a while, but we have been going thru some personal family issues. My step father has Cancer and it is spreading very fast, Hospice says he now has about 3-4 months max. My Brother was able to get here on Leave, he is staying here & I really missed the dork!

Mom is having a hard time and she is the person on earth that deserves this right now…or ever for that manner! I love Gary as if he was my Real Father and nothing will change that. He has been the best friend/love/husband my mom could want and she deserves it. God id so cruel sometimes and I often wander why things like this happen to good people. Gary wouldent hurt a fly and would give his shirt off his back to help ANYone. He is constantly in pain and its so sad for me to see, the cancer is eating him up fast!

This really makes me angry and pissed off…. If i could ask god one question. it would be




My heart is reaching out to you,
For what you’re going through;
I’m thinking of you frequently
And praying for you, too.

 If there’s something I can do,
Anything at all,
Think of me thinking of you,
And don’t hesitate to call.

Total of 24 inches lost! Over 60 lbs lost!

Waist Size in
62  down to  59 1/2  =  2   1/2 in loss

Neck Size
18   down to  16 1/2 = 1   1/2 in loss
Bicep Size
22.5  down to  19 = 3  1/2 in loss
Forearm Size
14  down to  12 = 2 in loss
Chest Size
64  down to  60 1/2 = 3   1/2 in loss
Hip Size (this is where most of tummy is)
70  down to   66 = 4 in loss

Thigh Size
36  down to   31.5 =  4 1/2 in loss
Calf Size
21  down to  18 1/2 = 2  1/2 in
Lost total of 24 inches

50-ish lbs Lost!

the face shots were the closest in position i could get!

I just got a partial Bill for Surgery…WOW!

I just got a partial Bill for Surgery:

  • Pathology –      $26.00
  • Radiology –    $202.00
  • Surgery – $10,667.00

update, 4th week out!

My scale went nuts on me so i do not know what I weigh, it looks like it WANTS to say 387lbs, but I am not sure but that would be 38-40lbs Lost! That is pretty good for a month out, I was hopeing for 50 but i think that I did good.

I need to start walking but it seems My tummy hurts when I move alot, and its been raining ALOT. Hell our road is even flooded again! I would love to go swimming everyday and may try to go at least 2 times a week and walk 3 or 4 times.

I also need to start eating more protien!

One Inch At a Time!

Crying Time..

Everyone knows guys NEVER comment about something unless we ASK them about it…well me and walty were out in the kitchen and grabbing a bite to eat and I was um, in the buff (everyone was sleep).

Out of no where he looks at me and down to my stomach and says ” I can really tell you have lost weight in your stomach” I busted out in tears…that ment soooo much!

SOMETIMES guys can be really sweet…this was one of them!

Eating out!

Okay So I have tried eating out a few times and the verdict is in, Wendy’s Chili is hands down the best food for my new tummy, I have had it about 4 times and each time i get a small cup – it’s enough for 2-3 servings.

YUMMY, now I will admit that i have never liked chili much at all, so everyone was correct about my taste buds changing! I always get them to add cheese and I use a pack of  saltines they give you. Yummy.

I have also tried:

  • McDonalds  fish sandwich wich I did not eat bread (to much greese)
  • Sonic Grilled cheese minus crust (was fine, but it dosent have that “rel” grilled cheese taste)
  • Huddle House Egg Beaters (not bad but needed lots of Salt & Pepper)
  • Waffle House Grits (they are pretty thick but easy to keep down)

2 weeks Post Op

I am doing good, and able to eat soft food. I have had Wendy’s Chili, Fish, chicken (no skin) Eggbeaters, lunch meat and a bite of other stuff here & there. I have thrown up a few times but I am 99% sure its from Drinking while I eat with is a No-No. I just kept forgetting or didn’t wait long enough!

I need to drink  more protien shakes, I was doing good with that but I am only drinking one a day now and I know that is NOT enough with only eating 1-2 small meals in a day.  Mom said she can notice a difference in my face and I think my clohes are fitting more comfy. I have lost about 30-35 lbs.  I want to have lost at least 50 lbs by the end of the month.

It has been raining like crazy and the kids just went back to school so I havent started walking a whole lot yet but I am gonna start this week… It’s very important for the weight loss that I exercise and/or walk everyday!

Grilled Cheese!

Okay so for the past few days i have been CRAVING a hot, buttery & gooey Grilled Cheese sandwich!

I have NO CLUE why, It’s not like it was ever my favorite food or anything.

Soo anyway we went to Wally World tonight to get some last minute school stuff. Chey needed a bookbag and Sierra needed shoes & we needed a few groceries. We got done about 11pm and went to McD’s to get some smoothies and they were out of them so we decided to go to Sonic and while we were there Chey, Sierra and Wally decided they wanted that connie island foot long hotdog.

While I was asking about the kids meals I heard her say “Grilled Cheese” OMG, i want that!!! So I went ahead and ordered that kids meal with an unsweetened tea. I pulled off the crust and took a small bite, then 2…YUMMY,  I ate half and everything went fine, I waited a while and ate a few more small bites. I managed to hold everything down!

Walter was a Piggy – TWO conney hot dogs, chili-oinion & cheese tots and TWO rootbeer floats! WOW… geesh, hes gonna need a bigger size pants by the end of the month!

1 week Post Op!

Sorry I haven’t updated been kinda busy getting back to work, I will write about my hospital experience soon. I wanted to say YEAH to my 1 week Post op Blog! So far so good, pain is almost completely gone, and incisions are healing up okay, ones a little pink. Its been hard with hardly any food but I’m getting thru it!

I had my first Pouch-reject tonight, I ate one little bite of chicken Walty brought home and then my grits as normal and i did a bad thing and drank like allot of water right after. I got a Pain in my chest and then without warning, grits out my nose and mouth! UGG, i was in pain for 2 hours! Its finally over!

Hospital & surgery!

Went to Gainesville and stayed in a hotel on Monday, the day before my surgery. I was told to call Monday night between 7-9pm for the exact surgery time. We left here about 2pm and arrived at a very nice hotel in Gainesville by 4pm. I was more calmer then I thought I would be and swam in the pool and watched TV. I called at 7 and they told me to report to the surgery place at Noon.

Mom and Renee had a few drinks, and we laughed for a while! Then came bed time… I tossed and turned all night, the last time I looked at the clock it was about 6:30am.

I woke up about 10, and was very nervous (that’s when I took the pic in the bathroom… I thought about not coming out! But I mustered up the guts, took a shower and we were on our way to the Cancer center at Shads where the surgery was gonna take place!

I wasn’t allowed to have anything to eat or drink since 12 hrs before and I was soooo thirsty. We got there on time but sat in the waiting room for about 2 hours. They finally called my name and that was the point of no return! I walked back the Prep Room, and as I did I held my hands behind my back with fingers crossed!

They got me back there, I put on a gown and slippers and got banded and scrubbed and then asked 10001 questions. I sat there for a few before mom was able to come back to wish me luck. Next thing I know Mom left crying and I was shaking, they made me lay back and wheeled me into the OR. The OR was large, lots of lights, white and TV monitors. They put Oxygen on me and a dont remember a thing afterwards! They had told me it was just oxygen lol.

I woke up feeling drugged with lots of people around me, and someone patting my face with a cool rag. next thing I know i heard people saying “you did good Tina, everything is good Tina” I then remember being put into my room.

I heard mom talking to me and crying and soon woke up all the way. I was in a hospital room! Needless to say I was doped up and all I remember is waiting water and having that little spongy thing to suck on and a button I was pressing every 6-7 minutes!

Mom said it was late, and that I had been in the OR for a little over 3 hours and in the recovery for another two. She was worried and Renee and her stared at “the Board” above the waiting room receptionist waiting for me to get out of OR and then out of Recovery.   It was about 7pm before she was able to see me.

Finally later that night Walter came to the hospital and mom and Renee went back to the Hotel. I had lots of trouble keeping an IV, I kept Blowing them, I blew 5 about 5 hours apart. I would wake up and my arm was totally swallen from the liquid!

I also kept setting the Oxygen alarm off and was having a hard time sleeping cus when I drifted off the damn alarm would sound because my Co2 level would drop. They finally put me on Oxygen and I was able to fall asleep good. 

I went to the swallow test the next morning and a bunch of tests and shots in my arm every 5 or so hours for my blood clotting. I was deff bruised up all over my arms as well as the incision sites! I was able to walk and hold down the stuff they gave me to drink a capfull at a time. I finally left the hospital thursday.  

Why Did I choose this route for myself?

~19/20 Years Old~

Well that has got to be the most asked question, and its easy for me to answer… My heath and my Kids, but then comes the “why THIS surgery, why cant you just diet and exercise”. This is a little harder to answer, and The reason if different I think every-time I am asked.

I have always remembered myself  “chunky” although mom says I was a small kid I have been pictures and still thought I was chubby… I guess the hard parts started in Middle School, friends were thinning out unlike my weight which was pretty high, I was say 175-200lbs by high school days. I worked all my life, and despite always being busy with work and school I was a sit at home person when I could get time to myself. I remember a picture taken at a dance with 2 other girls my freshman year, I looked “OKAY” but was of course “the fat one” and it was always that way. Always been over a 14 pants and always shopping at Cato’s or Fashion Bug Plus.

My parents owned a store and i ended up eating out allot from there, mom loved to cook but was busy all the time, my bother and I ate whatever… He is a large guy too!

23/24 years Old

23/24 years Old

Even in Middle school my grandmother put me on Nutri-system diet and was up and down, only gaining the weight back once i was taken off there ridiculously HIGH priced menu (at that time you went and bought There food from there offices).

By the time I was 18  I was about 220- and got pregnant gaining

over 50lbs, I lost SOME of it but not much. I went thru a hard time right after she was born that lead to me loosing about 40lbs, so back to 220ish. Then I got on Fen-Phen and lost a little, then that was pulled off the market..Then Pregnant Again, this time putting on 60 lbs and not loosing it all. at 25 I was about 300 and i remember telling myself “if i hit 320 i will die. I was then working from home and sitting on my ass in front of a computer 16 plus hours a day trying to make money to support me and my 2 girls. Then came 340 and another baby. By 30 i was 360lbs and starting with back problems, and fell down stairs that landed me on a kitty and with torn ACL in my knee.  I started going to Curves which did help a little until I really hurt my back  and This is what Plummeted my weight to its now almost 425lbs at 33 years old.

I don’t accredit my obesity to my eating as much as my Lack of physical activities. I do eat late at night, but am not a junk food eater, and I don’t eat out allot. I would have to say that when i DID eat a snack it was usually healthier then what most eat for snacks. I don’t care for chocolate, ice cream, chips or anything like that. My bad food habits are more carb related loving pastas and breads. Other problem is I Don’t like salads!

So when they ask Why this..I can Honestly say i have tried to explain this to people but have since shortened my anser to ” Because I KNOW its the right thing for ME”

Awsome Gastric Bypass Video!

I found this Video and it was good to watch before I went into surgery, it shows the surgery and explains as it goes! They show both the actualy surgery & videos while the narrator who is sitting in the room talks to surgeon’s and shows models and pictures as he goes.

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass (RYN)

Very Graphic and over an hour long…here is two screenshots:

My BMI table shows I am SUPER!

I have a BMI of 62.6.  at 434.5lbs
This puts me in the Super Morbid Obesity category.
Your BMI is extremely high and is enough to qualify you for bariatric surgery.The table below shows value ranges and what they mean.
Range Meaning
less than 18.5 Underweight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25.0 – 29.9 Overweight
30.0 – 39.9 Obese
40.0 – 50 Extremely Obese
over 50 Super Obese